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#1 Product of the DaySeptember 16, 2018

ProtoPie 3.9 is here! 🎉 Meaning that ProtoPie is now more powerful than ever!

ProtoPie 3.9 its key features include:

✅ Formulas

✅ Variables

✅ Native and physical keyboards

✅ Incremental movements

✅ Touch Hint

What is ProtoPie?

ProtoPie is a highly interactive prototyping tool for designers to turn their ideas into prototypes that feel real.

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  • Briandito Priambodo
    Briandito PriambodoProduct Designer

    Super easy to Learn, user friendly interfaces, with powerful features. The team behind ProtoPie listens to your feedback.


    No enough learning resources, most designers I know haven't heard of ProtoPie

    A couple of months ago I spent a few weeks trying out Flinto, Framer, ProtoPie, Origami, to see which prototyping tool suits my workflow the best. Out of those four, I ended up choosing ProtoPie as the winner.

    Briandito Priambodo has used this product for one year.
  • Aaron Martin
    Aaron MartinDesigner at Yahoo

    Remarkably easy to use without sacrificing features or power


    Slight learning curve, less visually pleasing or clean in it's UI than other common prototyping apps

    I've been using Protopie for years and it's amazing. The power and flexibility that it's brought to me and my team is pretty amazing. There isn't a single prototyping app that comes close to what you can do here. You can build as complex or as simple a prototype as you'd like. I've used it to work up full app flows with a crazy amount of conditional interactions and situations. It's the best thing you can get without having a developer build a workable app for you.

    Aaron Martin has used this product for one year.


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Fredo Tan
Fredo TanMaker@fredotan · Growth at Studio XID (ProtoPie)
Some examples: - Facebook VR prototype (using tilt sensor) - Shazam prototype (using sound sensor) - ProtoPie x Arduino prototype
- ProtoPie x littleBits: NEST prototype
- ProtoPie x littleBits: RC car prototype
Mark Hsieh
Mark Hsieh@markux · UXer
ProtoPie enable designers to build sophisticated Ixd and motion. The team behind take user's feedback seriously and constantly improving the app.
Ryan Swaine
Ryan Swaine@tritania · UX Designer and Tech enthusiast
ProtoPie is actually a fantastic piece of software with almost no learning curve and easy for newcomers to do as they wish.
Scott Valentine
Scott Valentine@scott_valentine · Founder of NEO
Can we utilize device camera and microphone? What about integrating with database or .csv file for real data display?
Fredo Tan
Fredo TanMaker@fredotan · Growth at Studio XID (ProtoPie)
@scott_valentine Camera + database not yet. However, you can use the microphone indeed 😃
Fredo Tan
Fredo TanMaker@fredotan · Growth at Studio XID (ProtoPie)
Fredo from Team ProtoPie here! First, thanks @mproff for hunting us 😃 ProtoPie 3.9 is our most extensive and impressive release since launching ProtoPie commercially last year. What is ProtoPie? ProtoPie is a highly interactive prototyping tool for designers to turn their ideas into prototypes that feel real, in the easiest way possible. We believe that designers should be able to make prototypes that come close to the end product they are designing for. A prototype is not only about how everything looks but more about how a user interacts with your product. Whatever product you are designing for. This is where ProtoPie comes into play. With ProtoPie, you can make highly interactive prototypes that feel like the end product. It's the only prototyping tool on macOS and Windows that covers the whole spectrum of digital products. From mobile apps to desktop apps and websites. From the in-car interface to smart-home applications. What makes ProtoPie different? ➡ Unique conceptual model. ProtoPie is fundamentally different from others due to its conceptual model. The way you make prototypes is basically the same way as you would explain with words. Hence, the way ProtoPie works comes close to human natural language. This means a very gradual learning curve. ➡ Interaction-focused, not animation-focused. ➡ Utilize sensors in smart devices, e.g. tilt, sound, compass. All code-free. ➡ Create prototypes that can communicate with each other... across devices. Perfect for IoT. ProtoPie 3.9 enables designers to create prototypes with interactions that are more dynamic than you are used to. Still all code-free. The new features give your prototypes that extra edge and allow them to be more advanced, sophisticated, 'smarter' and ultimately more realistic and close to the end product. Still with the ease that ProtoPie has been offering. If you have any questions, please shoot away!