A simpler way to deliver winning proposals to clients.

#5 Product of the DayApril 30, 2015

Proposify is a simple way to deliver winning proposals. Save over 2hrs compared to Word, InDesign, or Google Docs. Unlimited access to a gallery of beautiful templates with pre-written copy for a variety of services. All templates are customizable to fit your business & brand voice. We're the proposal tool of choice for salespeople & entrepreneurs.

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These guys have worked hard to really understand their customers and differentiate accordingly. They're helping agencies (particularly smaller ones for now) generate more revenue by putting together better looking, higher quality proposals. (Disclosure: I'm joining their board.)
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We've been using Proposify for a little while now and I couldn't be more pleased. They've had a few bugs here or there, but they are are fixed within minutes (and I mean minutes) of emailing about them. They've focused on allowing you to make your proposals actually look good - it takes a bit of setup, but now proposals take minutes and look great. Absolutely worth checking out.
Started using this and new client signed proposal 16 seconds after opening! I'm very happy with this!
Looks really interesting but I'm wondering how much time it will take me to convert our current Keynote/Pages templates into the equivalent on Proposify. I know once converted it could save us time, but the thought of moving over is daunting.
@goeric Ping @kyleracki or let's get him in here commenting if he's able to. Kyle's one of the founders.
@goeric Hey Eric, for sure, it's a bit of a time investment up-front. Usually an hour or two to get your template customized. If it's a big problem we'll often help out new customers and do the migration for them once they're signed up.
At the first look, I wondered how they can help apart from providing a template because 'proposal writing' is very subjective for each company, and for each lead. I see that the system helps the whole proposal life cycle, right from planning different sections, revisions, tracking, and so on. Does it provide tips for 'content' too, such as guidelines as 'content chunks' for writing a proposal to a non-profit, a university, a fitness center, or to a food chain? I think many businesses struggle with 'what' in proposals, particularly when responding to RFPs.
@vingar We don't provide any automatic content tips in the app aside from the templates, but cover a lot of proposal tips in our free resources. Our app is mostly aimed at web/marketing/design agencies now but we expect to offer more industry templates in the near future.