Upload your images and automatically resize them to over 50 of the required web and social media sizes with the click of a button. The Promo Image Resizer will instantly convert and adjust the image to new formats and ratios, which you can then edit and optimize further, should you want to.

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Greetings Product Hunters and thanks for the hunt @Benln! 🙏 In case you aren’t familiar with Promo, we are the leading video creation platform for businesses and agencies, making it easier (and more fun) to create winning video content. Last year we were hunted and ultimately won B2B Product of the Year! 🎉 That ride allowed us to get loads of helpful feedback and keep pushing to innovate new tools that can make visual content easier, and more effective online. Which leads us to today. We noticed that our team spends (*wastes*) countless hours a month resizing images. It's a pretty common use-case: You create a photo or image and you want to share it across multiple social media or web platforms. But with so many size formats that change constantly across so many channels, we'd go through a terrible process of back-and-forths with our designers (who felt like they were wasting their time on a technical task), or tried using some pretty terrible/pricey tools that didn't get the job done. So, (Cue drumroll) we built a product hack and decided to share it with YOU, for free!. 💡 Meet our COMPLETELY FREE Instant Image Resizer, brought to you by your friends at - Promo. A no-hassle solution that lets you upload your images and automatically resize them to all standard web and social media dimensions in just 1 click. The Promo Image Resizer will easily convert and adjust your image to new formats and ratios, which you can then edit to perfect even more. In addition, the tool acts as an always-up-to-date size guide for the standard image size requirements of over 50 different formats across all online channels. This product is our completely free gift to everyone that deals with visual content online. Because us creatives deserve a time-saving productivity hack so we can focus on the important stuff - and now we’ve got one! 💪 As Promo grows exponentially, we are constantly uncovering new pain points to tackle. More importantly, we believe our customers are facing these exact same challenges. This is why we're giving away the Image Resizer today, and why, in the coming months, we expect to share more tools with the sheer intention of bringing value to businesses worldwide. Check out the Promo Image Resizer and let me know what you think!
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Awesome! Love the fact that you are able to edit every size and move the picture so it fits! :)
@jensger Thanks and glad to hear it! Hope it serves you well.
@jensger Oh yes, you're spot on! Glad you love it. Please let us know if you have any feedback in the future to make it even better!
Easy to use, extremely convenient (every image size you can think of) and the best part? FREE!
@aguelmann Yes it is FREE and will remain as such. We try to help businesses, companies, designers, social media managers and what more become more productive with their time. Glad to hear you're enjoying it!

I have been testing this out for over a week and it's now bookmarked and part of my workflow. I organize all of my photo in files to be uploaded to my fave social sharing tools for multiple clients. It's a HUGE timesaver. Thank you!


Drag, drop and play. It's that simple



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Great! will save so much time! And free!
@josie_peaches_o_boyle Thank you. Glad you think it is as productive as we do. Let us know if you have any other feedback to make it even better for you and your needs.