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Promo is the easiest video maker on the market. Finally any business can create consistent quality marketing videos in less than 5 minutes. 1. Choose footage from our catalog of over 3.5 million premium clips (or add your own), 2. add professionally-edited music tracks from our library. 3. finalize with your message and logo. Done!

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Hey Everyone! @sujanpatel really appreciate the hunt. Thanks to the super team at Slidely powering the awesomeness that is Promo and, mostly, to the amazing businesses that have already showed us so much love and support. Promo’s mission is not to be the best editor for your footage, but really to help businesses of all sizes achieve their goals with the power of video--be it more views, leads and sales, or growing brand awareness. Promo is the easiest video maker on the market. It helps virtually anyone create consistent quality video content. The process is simple: choose footage from our catalog of over 2.8 million premium clips (or add your own), add curated professionally-edited music tracks from our library, and finalize with your message and logo, and, boom, you’ve just created a professional marketing video in less than 5 minutes. Promo offers 4 monthly subscription plans and a free account for creating and sharing unlimited drafts. Just subscribe when you’re ready to download. It’s been an exciting ride since we first quietly released Promo last summer. We’ve seen so much great content created and so many businesses rapidly growing using Promo videos, like this one:
We’re excited to see what the Product Hunt community creates and thinks, the more questions, feedback and insights the merrier, also feel free to message me directly on Twitter: @PromobySlidely
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@tom_more @sujanpatel @promobyslidely Great tool! Thank you for making our lives as creators so much easier.
@madalynsklar @sujanpatel Our pleasure! Please feel free to let us know (here or on intercom/socials) if there's anything more you'd want to see or do with videos.
@tom_more @sujanpatel @promobyslidely congrats on the PH hunt. Great product, really appreciate what your team has been able to accomplish within the market. I can speak from experience to say it certainly is not an easy task to bring this type of video solution to the SMB market 👏
@matsilva @sujanpatel @promobyslidely Thank you Mat, appreciate the kind words and def agree - SMBs are hard, but very rewarding. looking forward to trying RenderFX out!
This looks great, really an amazing platform to create beautiful marketing videos.
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@yanivgoldenberg Thank you Yaniv, BTW Another great feature is our Promo Collection videos which are ready-made templates prepared by our award winning creative team. They pair great copy, footage and music to create instant classics.
@tom_more @yanivgoldenberg which awards did the team win? just curious
@cemre @yanivgoldenberg Sure, our collections team has extensive advertising (both visual and audio) experience working with leading brands, 3 of those spots won the gold medal award and numerous others won local and regional awards. We are mostly a creative team here with strong music, video/photography backgrounds and passion that is rooted in everything we do (with startup life, you better LOVE what you do, because it's sure not easy;)
Hands down brilliant concept of helping SMBs create stellar marketing videos. I like to compare this to Wix: You're a business - you needed a website. Now you need a cost-effective, professional looking video.
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@j_nimrodi Thank you man appreciate it! (and we're just getting started!
Bullseye! This is exactly what people need. Many people (jncluding me) used to use bulky software (Adobe Premiere / Effects) to make similar end-effects. In my opinion simplifying it to this framework is awesome idea! Big plus for animated logo, love it! ;) Can't wait for mobile! :)
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@acellary Thank you! we're super excited about the mobile version and other great things too! Can't wait 👍
Nice one, guys! Very timely product. #GreatJob 😆🚀🌟😎✊🎉😊
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@sam___hurley Thank you! emoticons, gifs and videos - <3 the visuals!
@tom_more Hehehe!!! YOU GOT IT!!!! 💗😜💗