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Nifty helps you manage your entire workflow in an easy, fun, and efficient way. With your team communication and project discussions, tasks, docs, roadmaps, and files all in one place — Nifty lets you focus on building products instead of juggling tools.

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Shiv Kapoor
Shiv KapoorHunterHiring@shivkapoor · Founder & CEO, Nifty
Hey Hunters! 👋 How often do we find ourselves asking: Who's working on what? Where do we stand within a project? Where do we stand across all of our projects?... Simple, familiar questions that everyone asks pretty routinely, but the answer -- far too complex. Introducing Nifty Project & Team Overview. With the Project and Team Overviews, we're bringing transparency, clarity, and ease of management across projects. Whether you're monitoring across departments as a product team or across projects as an agency, the Overview feature lets you know exactly where you and your team stand. For those of you who haven't given Nifty a try yet for your project management and workflow collaboration needs... Nifty set out to solve the inherent problem of project management -- that leveraging multiple disconnected tools leads to a fragmented workflow. With Nifty, we bring the core phases of project management into one intuitive and interconnected tool.