PUBG is an automatic environment (actually, a battleground) where several alrogithms fight in the real time. Each algorithm controls a creature (which can be bull, rhino, slug etc.) with an aim to grab bullets and hurt other creatures with it. By killing enemies your creature increases it's IQ, the smartest creatures lists in the leaderboard.

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Hi! This product originally was our internal fun challenging project, but we think that other IT companies or educational organization can use it for learning programming or other things. It's absolutely free for use and distributed under the MIT license. How it can be used: 1. If you're learning programming you can use PUBG to train your projection (from abstract thoughts to certain commands) skill. 2. If you works in a team you can organize weekly battles and give pizza, beer or iPhone X to a winner. 3. If you're a teacher you can use PUBG as a small lab to demonstrate basic algorithms and applied samples of programming knowledge. It's much more interesting to make a brain for a creature rather than to draw a parabola on a screen (in most cases).
@alexander_murzanaev This seems like a cool idea -- could you please elaborate a bit more on how we can interact with is as members of the public? When I loaded the page I noticed I was able to use my cursor to control a rock and bash it into everyone else... 😈
@abadesi Thanks!! ) It's the game for programmers: you write the logic of your creature and see how effective it is. There're no any actions for spectators except play with creatures and objects with cursor as you noticed. The main aim is to create simple and fun challenging game for IT office )
This is really cool! It was a little confusing at first, but it really reminds me of playing MapleStory or dare I say Club Penguin with the more awesome incentive to code. Cheers 👍
@markiatheus Thank you!! ) We're working on the next version right now: more super powers, cannons, flying machines and more )

Very nice stickу game for developers


Very funny


Have not find yet

It is awesome, thank you! The one who tells bitcoin rate is my favourite :DDD