ProfitWell Segment

Subscription analytics to uncover where growth comes from

ProfitWell Segment uncovers which customer segments are driving or detracting from your subscription growth, so you can double down on what’s working.

Segment by gender, location, usage, and up to 107 other pre-built segments.

100% free and 2 minute set up (seriously) with Stripe, Zuora, Recurly, Chargebee, and Braintree.

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12 Reviews5.0/5
Segmentation for revenue metrics out of the box is like a dream come true. Nice work ProfitWell team!
My ❤️ for Profitwell is already bordering dangerous obsession, but they just keep putting out amazing stuff for SaaS companies, product & content! This again is a very promising feature, can't wait to dive deep into this!
@sjoerdhandgraaf Thanks for the love man! Let us know what you think once you dive in!
@sjoerdhandgraaf @neel_desai how would you compare this to @baremetrics or Chart Mogul? What is uniquely different about Profitwell?
@sjoerdhandgraaf @neel_desai @john_tans good question John - the products are very similar, but I think this comes down to a few factors: 1. Absolute accuracy: The number one product aspect we care about is accuracy and as such the approach we took to putting together our metrics is a bit more granular than other folks out there. We typically ingest 10x data than the other folks and build our metrics at the smallest possible input (events data). We don't have complete visibility into how they calculate their metrics, but we consistently find we're more accurate when comparing folks and testing. 2. ProfitWell metrics are 100% free: We don't charge for metrics - at all. We feel that there's more value in us showing you problems/opportunities and then selling you products that help with those opportunities (ProfitWell Retain, ProfitWell's Price Intelligently, etc.). 3. More than reporting: The focus of building products to actually help you leads to a bit of a different design philosophy than the other folks out there. Sure, you won't notice much difference with some of the reporting - there's only so many ways to show growth, MRR, etc, but even with segmentation you'll see that we're starting to surface the actual answer vs just giving you endless ways to slice data. The goal here is to show you depth and "think" for you, rather than pushing you to do the work. This manifests itself in a number of ways, but some of it is also innate in how we sweat the small stuff around design choices. 4. Deep research: Not sure if you saw our content, but we do a ton of research on what's working and what's not in the market - we pass these all on in the form of benchmarks, guides, etc. Hope that helps. There's definitely a lot of similarities and plenty of other long tail differences, so always up for chatting. 😃
@neel_desai @baremetrics @john_tans I can't honestly compare them as products, haven't used Baremetrics in a while, and never actively used ChartMogul. The thing that I love about Profitwell is: - Retain: that was extremely easy to set-up, and has completely taken away my worry about us losing revenue to "delinquent churn" (I'm pretty sure PW made up this term, props for that) due to inefficient dunning. - The content: A lot of their stuff is extremely valuable. My #1 is probably still their eBook on SaaS pricing: https://www.priceintelligently.c.... It I can't count the amount of times that I have repeated things I learned from that book to other people working with SaaS pricing.
Love it! PW is my favorite brand!
@aazar_ali_shad Thanks for the love man, always trying to bring you more :) I owe you an email as well, talk soon!
@neel_desai Don't worry. It's your day to shine ;)
As a SaaS founder, ProfitWell is one of my favorite apps. It's honestly the first thing I check when I wake up every morning. We've had Segment in our PW account for a little while now and it's super helpful. Before ProfitWell Segment, I used to have to run manual SQL queries, then export and enrich in Clearbit to find an insight like how a customer's team size impacts retention for Tettra. Now it's just a few clicks with ProfitWell Segment. Recommend checking this one out. The content about pricing and other topics that the team puts out is top notch too.
@andygcook Appreciate the love and early feedback on this one Andy <3

ProfitWell is an incredible product, I LIVE inside those dashboards. This segment add-on is really nice and I'm excited to see where it goes.


Really user friendly, and amazing analytics instantly available.


Would be great to manually tag customers to fill in data gaps