ProfitWell by PriceIntel

Free Daily SaaS Growth Goal Tracking for Stripe

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Using this to monitor real time revenue metrics on Sidekick ( Huge thumbs up on the product!
@bbalfour Thanks B4! Super flattering to have you and the team using this.
This team (@patticus, @yuluomeng, @facundoc and others) has put an extraordinary amount of thought into accuracy and representation ("What metrics should we look at?") re: SaaS metrics. Highly recommend giving it a try if you're using Stripe for subscription billing.
@yuluomeng @facundoc @arjunblj yea, I think that's what's interesting in this space. We really wanted to focus on avoiding the analytics problem of "here's a laundry list of numbers" and make sure we were using our experience with building SaaS pricing/revenue models to curate things properly. Thanks for sharing!
We've been using ProfitWell daily for the past couple months at Webflow ( and we love the insight it provides. And after talking to them on the phone, I'm even more assured that this is a carefully crafted product with accuracy being the #1 feature . A very important thing for all SaaS cos out there using reporting tools..
@patticus - can you handle billing that isn't all monthly like say if you have some annual deals that pay for multiple accounts?
@evanish Definitely. We're accounting for 113+ different edge cases, so we'd be able to parse that all out cleanly. Stripe's super flexible, but that also means you need to account for a lot of edge cases, which I'm happy to say we do pretty well.
Thanks, Bryant. Really appreciate that.