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THIS is awesome. Although this appears to be targeted toward transactional businesses or those with high-LTV customers that are worth the extra attention, this would be incredibly useful for Product Hunt as well. Throughout the day I scan the list of people that have registered on Product Hunt via Twitter to identify potential influencers or people I know. Additionally, I look through email addresses of people that subscribed (but didn't authenticate with Twitter) to see if I recognize them. It would be far more efficient and faster if ProfilesIO sent me an email with the social information from each user, surfacing particularly people (based on Klout, those I follow on Twitter, etc.). I don't mean to sound like some people are more important than others but any business should be paying attention to influencers that can make a strong positive or negative influence (e.g. reporters, VC's). @danieljurek - How did you come up with the idea?
Lead developer here. #AMA.
Thanks, @rrhoover! You can use ProfilesIO right now. Find influencers, investors (we go deep on AngelList), and bloggers in your user base... Integrating ProfilesIO on Product Hunt will get you information on future signups... To learn about people who signed up before you integrate us, you can easily import your list of email addresses. The ideas behind ProfilesIO came from discussions about optimizing the MailLift ( funnel. We wanted to know how to engage our customers and potential investors before we contacted them. Since we sell to businesses and CRM’s, building close personal relationships is very important to us. posted an article in November ( about why you should call leads within 5 minutes, confirming what @briancurliss knew from his past company: call people the moment someone signs up to increase sales #b2b.
A little more technical history on ProfilesIO ( It started as a weekend hack. A late Saturday night, a little JS foo, some backend code, and a couple HTML templates later, ProfilesIO said “Hello world!” We focused first on email and SMS notifications to alert our sales team… we’ve since added: • Professional information from LinkedIn, • Investor information from AngelList, • Group SMS, • Team messaging with HipChat, and • Auto-following on Twitter
@danieljurek I didn't think of auto-following on Twitter. Although I wouldn't use that, it's a good example of how you might automate processes that are often done manually inside of companies. Keep it up!