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Very well done, @bradmenezes. I like that you used the iPad real-estate to show a web view of the product in conjunction with the list of hunts. What are you planning to add or change next?
@rrhoover glad you like it! We're hoping that the community will let us know what features they'd like to see. Currently, our ideas fall into 3 buckets... 1. New Aggregations of Content - hottest products, products from a certain day, best of the week, best of the month, search etc. 2. Augmenting Product Cells with 3rd-Party Data - using CrunchBase or AngelList APIs to add funding or founder info. 3. Performance - making the app even faster, especially when it comes to loading the webview.
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@bradmenezes Great job guys, app is looking great!
@ranma2802 and I are avid Product Hunt users so we decided to build ProductPad using the Product Hunt API. We put a lot of work into making the app simple, fast and reliable. We built this to give back to the awesome Product Hunt community that @rrhoover and his team have created. Please don’t hesitate to give us your thoughts in the comments or email us at hello@28logic.com, that’ll forward to us. Feedback is welcome and much appreciated :)
Really like the interface, particularly the preview pane. I wonder if there's a way to speed up the preview loadtimes a little though - it's not a real problem (loads just a fast as websites in say Facebook) but I'm a little impatient. Also, I tried to comment from within the app, and couldn't see how to enter a comment, so I'm writing this on my Macbook. Nonetheless, this deserves the 5 stars I left in the app store :)
@MarcEglon thanks for the feedback! Very much appreciate your review in the app store! There are some additional ways we can speed up the webview. We implemented some simple caching that'll help on subsequent loads of the same product, still more we can do though to your point. Right now we don't have write access on the API side so we were not able to build commenting. Let us know if you have additional thoughts or feedback!
Thanks for the feedback @rrhoover, glad you like it! We spent a lot of time polishing up the user experience, we hope the Product Hunt community will love this product. Always open to feedback and suggestions. Enjoy guys!
Solid way to browse producthunt on the couch... congrats @bradmenezes and @ranma2802.
@faridh Thanks, it is definitely optimized for couch mode :)