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#2 Product of the WeekJanuary 13, 2016
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This is really awesome. As other have mentioned custom domains would be great though. I also think it'd be extremely useful (and I suspect pretty easy) to be able to specify specific times for roadmap items, not just have the default to 'now'. Currently you can only announce immediate events for the current day, which means you can't put in old updates to flesh out your recent roadmap, and you can't add things in the future to show what you're planning next. I'd love to take a look at your roadmap and see if that's already in your plans but, of course, I can't :D
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Oh also, while I remember: google analytics would be super helpful too.
@pimterry thanks for the feedback Tim! All of these are already being worked on: custom domains, setting past and future (roadmap) dates, and analytics :)
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@fahdananta @pimterry great, because I would mainly use it for future releases.
@pimterry Completely agree. You need to both plan for current and future (and ideally both time and non-timed opportunities). You may want to try your hand at (disclaimer: founder) since we have a set of features dedicated to that exact problem mentioned.
Hey All! I'm the builder here, just saw a bunch of notifications and realized it's been hunted. Thanks for the awesome feedback in the comments. At a quick glance, it's a change log as a service. We want to enable a better way to communicate product updates and gather feedback from users. This means very shortly we'll have things like voting, comments, feature suggestions, and things of that nature. I noticed a few questions, just want to address it altogether: - we will enable custom domains in the near future - to add an image (or gif), just drag (or paste) it straight into the editor - you can add emojis in the comments too! (on Mac, that's Cmd + Control + Space) Oh, and the basic version is always free. We'll start including a "pro" set of features down the road for $10/mo.
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@fahdananta Congrats on the product, and being hunted! When I read "map" in the name, my mind jumped to "Product RoadMap" - but it looks like the current tool is more analogous to release notes, not forward looking? It would be nice if you could set a (future) date when creating the post to show customers what is coming, not just where you've been. Looking forward to watching this product grow!
@edholloway @fahdananta yup, that's part of how why we built this. Especially being inspired by companies with public product roadmaps (like Front or TravisCK). Huge fan of the transparency. You'll be able to post things that are upcoming (or on the roadmap) and even get feedback on it from customers (polls, questions, sugggestions.)
@fahdananta I was looking for a solution to have nice changelogs for my Google Inbox Mac client Boxy, and then I stumbled on this amazing product. Congrats on the launch, it looks sleek and useful. One question, is it easy to embed in a site? Because a simple iframe would retain the top bar which wouldn't look right. I think I'm going to use it anyway though, thanks!
@fahdananta I just noticed I can't retrodate posts, and this makes it a bit harder to get started since I can't post older updates with the correct times. Aside from that I'm really liking it so far.
@fahdananta Could you add a way to change the date on posts to add historical information?
@fahdananta great product good wishes to you, i will going to suggest this to my team in morning scrum :) What are the integration plans for future ?
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Quick heads up that we've been working on something similar called for the last few months with pretty much the same design: Just wanted to point that out so when we launch it's clear that we didn't copy it from you. Not saying you did either, as I think it's quite an obvious layout for this type of thing. Best of luck! P.S. Everyone: We're still in private beta, so please don't hunt us yet ;)
@marckohlbrugge that's excellent marc, it's a seemingly obvious but unsexy area. Happy to exchange notes or help out. Feel free to DM me :)
@marckohlbrugge we're doing something similar. But focussed on startups: to log their progress and get feedback. I'd love to meet and do coffee soon to talk. Let me know if you have time and feel the same :)
@leonpals Cool. That's actually how Changelog started out as well, but I decided to simplify it and focus on communication with customers rather than peers. Got the platform fully developed though so might still launch it at some point as well. We'll be competitors.😬 I believe there's a Lean Startup Circle planned in Eindhoven soon right? Are you attending? I'm trying to cut down on meetings this year (less meeting more making😁), but that might be a good opportunity for us to meet anyway. Two flies in one clap.
@marckohlbrugge @fahdananta Hehe, add us to the list of people trying to do something similar. Seems there's a definitive need here. Good with competition! :) Our product is called ProductVoice:
The demo has images and gifs embedded in it. I could not find any way to add images. Would love custom domain as others mentioned, or atleast a link to embed.
@zingbhavya Just drag and drop them into the editor 😎
got it! @fahdananta