Productive has all the tools you need to build a routine of positive, life changing habits. Build good habits. Organize your life.

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Hey all. I created Productive because I couldn't find a decent habit tracker that would let me organize my day. Most apps jumble all your habits into one big list for each day - I found that this long list was too much to mentally process, plus thinking about all the things left to do each day was leaving me stressed out. Productive solves this by letting you schedule habits for different times of the day (i.e. morning / afternoon / evening), and thus lets you focus on just the things due right now. It also supports doing things more than once a day (e.g. floss in the morning & evening). These features allow you to create little routines throughout your day that the beta testers found were a lot easier to stick to, as compared to the standard big list. Cheers, and I hope you guys find it useful. PS: For those interested, there is a comment further down the page that explains why Productive was spun out from Balanced.
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@radiojai looks great so far! The upgrade link, however, isn't working. I get a 404 page for a Github site.
@gioismeyo @radiojai I'm having trouble reproducing this :(. What browser are you tapping on it in? Is it still not working? Cheers :)
@radiojai yeah had the same problem. Didn't work in the PH iOS app, but I got it working on the browser. Thanks again!
@radiojai I see the 404 in the PH iOS browser too. Looks like there is a ' at the end of your link. Opening this in Safari worked: Thanks!
@chrismessina @radiojai Thanks for the help! There is no extra ', but the Product Hunt app thinks there is. Changing the ' to " fixed it. Now it still won't work, but for different reasons (the PH app's browser doesn't allow opening of other apps). I've added instructions on how to get around that. Thanks! :)
This app looks great (both design & product). Unfortunately I'm on Android so no go for me on this right now but just wanted to say good job (and bring it to Android).
It's a shame that a year later there's still no Android version. Given that there's been no updates in over 6 months I assume this has died :(
Been using this over the past week from @radiojai and it's definitely helped smooth over my habit tracking problems.
Great work. I like the focus feature so I only see now instead of the whole day. If I could add a feature it would be to randomize the time of a habit as an option. If I create a habit and select morning, afternoon, and evening then have the option to randomize the time it occurs each day.
@_configmgr Ooh. Now that's an interesting idea... Can you give me an example of the time of habit you might want to do that for?
Beautifully designed. The menu movements are a little awkward, though. I caught myself a few mins later having installed, not having added any tasks, and I got busy doing something else. My I suggest a one tap "add" at the end of the onboarding just to get people to add at least one reminder, something like "drink water" or "call mum" or something that everyone would like to remember. I think you'll see more retention, cod right now the experience ends after onboarding, so I close the app.
@arush Ah yup, I get what you mean. I might come up with an A/B test to see what effect this has. Thanks!