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  • Ed Lobas
    Ed LobasCEO at Webinerds

    - That's pretty clear and easy to use - Search presets are fine - Nice hints in company blog


    - The map on a search is actually useless - Still need some UI/UX improvements

    Looking forward to have an ability co compare the jobs and to list some to favorite ones. Anyway, this looks really cool! Have a good luck!

    Ed Lobas has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    I'm in the market for a product job, and it's a great way to find things


    Locations for job opportunities seem a little limited. I didn't see anything for Los Angeles or remote

    It'd be nice to have a notation in the listings if a job would accept remote workers

    Sarah Wefald has used this product for one day.
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Mark Stephan
Mark StephanMaker@mstephan
We're so happy to bring you ProductHired today! This is our version one, and be assured, we're already building version 2. Be sure to follow us! We've done over a year of user research and have a few features that are going to launch over the next 3 months, with even larger things coming after that. We're aggressively building ProductHired and we want your feedback! Please use the product and let us know how to improve.
Anca Frecateanu
Anca Frecateanu@ancafr · Senior Product Manager
@mstephan Hi, Mark, congrats for the first version of ProductHired! Just discovered it today, so my only feeeback right now would be: even though this might sound obvious, an option to create Alerts for different keywords/locations would be a big plus for people looking for Product jobs. Unless maybe you thought of some other way to engage with people and notify them when something new is on the platform? :) Thanks, Anca
Ekrem Ateş
Ekrem Ateş@ekrem_ates
Great product for product people, well done guys! How do you think the version 2 will be and what can we expect for this upcoming version?
Mark Stephan
Mark StephanMaker@mstephan
@ekrem_ates Thanks for asking! So besides a completely new UX, we'll have better tools for employers and companies to promote their jobs, and to find amazing product talents, and we'll have more tools for Talent to promote themselves and get access to the jobs that fit their skills. We're all about making a better match at scale, both for companies and talents. There is a lot more coming, and more announcements and new features later this month. So be sure to subscribe to find out what's launching next!
Mark Stephan
Mark StephanMaker@mstephan
FYI, You can Post any Product Management job on ProductHired for Free! For SXSW, yay!, We have a special promo code: 20SXSW19 for 75% any paid tier If you're willing to have a UX session with us after using the product. To sign-up, just use the promo code. We'll reach out.
Nicholas Ivanecky
Nicholas IvaneckyMaker@ivantr0n · Product Manager at Adobe
Hello Hunters! I am Nick, co-founder of ProductHired, a start-up focused on building a focused job search and career site for Product Leaders. We are different than other job search sites because we focus on product leaders and can go deep into those communities, finding them the best roles, and helping companies gain access to these individuals where Indeed, LinkedIn and Glassdoor cannot focus. In order to accomplish our goals, ProductHired currently reaches thousands of product managers, posts over 500 new jobs daily from 160+ cities, and provides resources to get PMs hired. Today, we are releasing our first version of ProductHired so we welcome your feedback (pros/cons) and future feature requests. This product is by no means complete, but it sets the ground work for future iterations which we are very excited about. If you want to learn more, just hop over to our site
Tanmayi Sai
Tanmayi Sai@tanmayi_sai · Senior Product Manager at Zynga
Congrats on the launch! This is extremely useful. Are all 11,000 jobs posted by employers or do you guys also search and populate the list? Can't wait to see version 2!