productboard 3.0

Product management system for large & scaling organizations

With 3.0, productboard is now even better for large & scaling organizations! Organize feature ideas across all your products, prioritize around objectives aligned with your product strategy, and collaborate with all your teams in one product management system.
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Hi makers! 👋☀️ we are incredibly proud to announce a major update of productboard that makes our product management system even better for larger product teams. You can learn everything about it right here: For those of you who don't know us yet, we are on a mission to help you make products that matter by giving you the best product management system the world has ever seen. I hope you will notice how much we care about delivering not just a highly functional system, but also a really delightful user experience that connects with you on an emotional level. ❤️ We have already over 1,800 amazing product teams amongst our customers. They are all on the path to product excellence following the practices of the best of the best product makers. Learn more about the approach here For those of you already familiar with productboard, there is a whole set of features improving the core user experience: - New sub-features give you a more granular way of structuring your feature ideas, - Larger features can now span multiple releases reflecting better the reality of large epics, - Improvements into component aggregation logic and visualizations make it easier than ever to organize your features in the best way, - Prioritization around clear objectives is now at the very core of the productboard experience, - Larger product organizations can create and customize multiple different release groups and create roadmaps of different granularities, - Jira integration got a significant boost and allows for integration with issues of any type, - We introduced access permissions for a variety of feature fields giving you better control over who sees what, - The matrix is now a part of a seamless flow and clearly tied to objectives and effort - The portal is officially out of the early access program and ready for the prime - We made more minor improvements to the overall experience. Several of these features have been in the making for a while as many of them are solutions to some pretty complex design problems stemming from the many-to-many relationships of the real-world entities. I hope you find the latest release valuable. Many of the thousands of product makers and managers have been part of our beta program and I would like to thank you for all the feedback and input you provided. It really is a pleasure and honor to have fellow product makers as customers. We wouldn’t be able to make the product we’ve made without you. Thank you! 🙏 Hubert Founder & CEO at productboard
Congrats to the productboard team for launching version 3!
@danolsen Thank you, Dan! It is an honor to be hunted by you!

I like that it's focused on letting you use your own way to gather customer insights, define business goals, and prioritize work.


I trialed 5 PM software solutions for a month, and ended up deciding on productboard. It’s a flexible system rather than a process.


I'm missing some integrations with some of the tools we use (like HelpScout), but hopefully that's coming too.

Glad to have you win us Rian! If anyone else needs a Help Scout integration, you can vote for it on our team's Product Portal:
Hey, Rian. What are the other 4 softwares you tried?
Productboard holds a spot in my heart only shared by AirTable. Thanks for a great tool and best of luck to you and your team Hubert!
@adamt19 Thank you Adam! We’re honored to serve the MeetMindful team.
Awesome job, guys! We had to pause our account due to circumstances, but we'll get back to using productboard as soon we can. It was definitely one of my most favorite tools in our toolset :)
@martianboss Looking forward to your return, Martin!