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Hey everyone, this is kind of a surprise appearance for us. Some enthusiastic users simply couldn't wait to tell the world abou us! ;) Thank you so much for the upvotes! More importantly though, please share your feedback, we are listening, processing all the feedback in productboard (as one of you told me today - very meta!) and making changes and improvements very fast. Thank you again for your support!
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@hpalan Is there a video I can watch about ProductBoard. It seems to be missing from your landing page and can't find anything on utube either.
@hpalan Never mind i found @productboard intro #video -
Awesome to see so much love for Productboard! Just had a coffee with Hubert and shared it here:
Thank you again everybody for all the votes, it is really humbling! Our goal with productboard is to give all of you a delightful platform where you can centralize all your research and use it in a smart way to make better prioritization decisions, and thus make really great products. We believe in great market and user research, lean practices, and transparency throughout. We feel and hear that Product Management is often a black box. It is hard to see why certain features are deemed more important than others. Yet understanding WHY we are building something, what problems we are solving and for whom, is the most important thing, if we want to make truly great products. We believe that the only way how to tap into the amazing innovation potential of everyone on the team - researchers, designers, developers, product managers, marketers, support experts, is to create visibility around our customers and their problems. We hope productboard can help you exactly with that - with discovering and solving the biggest customer problems in the best possible ways. Please do share your feedback, we rely on your input to make productboard truly great for all of us!
I just started to try ProductBoard and I am totally in love!! Great great product. One lack: do you plan to let us attached a Google Docs or any type of link on a feature?
@juliengomez hi Julien, right now you can paste links directly to description. If it is a link directly to an image, like e.g. on dropbox, we unfurl it and display the image right away. Will add more advanced linking in the future. Thank you for the suggestion!
@hubert_palan links in the description is all I need for my need. Thanks a lot! ProductBoard is great.

Love it!


Beautiful product, straightforward yet powerful. Love it.


Just a minor thing: we'd like to push Intercom conversation links to GitHub at the end. Hoping it'll come soon. Fits rest of our workflow.

Slowly going through the onboarding videos, and I really like what I see... though with so many 'tools' out there, its hard for me to dive into a price plan without spending some good time with all the features first (14 days is quite limiting for a 'road map'/product tool trial, i personally feel). There is a Free plan, but its features are more limited than the very cheapest plan (of $50p/m). Would be nice if the Free plan was everything the cheap(est) plan was, but with just the 1 Editor limitation. Would give me enough time to really test out the software personally, using the 'basic' features, before selling the idea to my team/company to go with a paid plan that allows more collaborators. Overall its a good looking product and seems very helpful. Just a pity that the free plan is as limited as it is to get me to really stick with the product and hook me in later as my team and need for collaborators grow.
@_simonarcher_ Hi Simon, thank you for the thoughts, we are continuously improving the product and will be improving the pricing as well, so this input is very helpful. I am happy to extend your trial, just send me a message via intercom once you sign up!