Product Tour Benchmarks & Best Practices

Insights from 15m product guidance experiences πŸ“Š

We analyzed 15 million tour and tooltip interactions to help you create better experiences for user onboarding, feature releases, and other key flows. πŸ’‘
Read the report to learn how users interact with this important component of product adoption.
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Hi Pulkit, this is one its kind reports on product tours. Quick thoughts: - I guess product tours make a real use case for relatively complex products, specifically in B2B. For instance, where users need to setup a workflow as a pre-requisite to use the product. Do you have any industry-specific numbers or for the product size/scale? - In my experience, product tours are rarely required and these work best (as you right said about 123%) when customers can watch it on-demand. For all my clients who offer to setup a demo call for their product, I have never said yes. If I cannot onboard myself smoothly enough (with right onboarding steps and UX text), it is a design friction (in 9/10 cases). But as I said, product tours make sense in specific and complex products!
phew! we've been working on this report since the start of the year and I'm so excited to finally release this data out into the world. Big thanks to @_pulkitagrawal for helping shape and refine it. I've always been surprised on the lack of benchmarks and statistics that help Product teams build better guidance, so absolutely jumped at the chance to query Chameleon's huge pool of data and extract useful learnings. πŸ€“ Is this report helpful? What else would you like to see covered in a future release that would clear up your product guidance questions?