Product Talks

20 Free video lessons from top-notch product managers.

🎤 20 Videos, 2 Stages: Making it in Product + Becoming a Product Leader

👨‍💻 Experienced PMs from Google, Airbnb, Microsoft, Spotify and more

🎯 Real-life Case Studies, Challenges and Solutions

👋 Detailed Speaker Profiles with Networking Info

🎥 A Life in Product Lessons on Your Screen

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Hi Hunters 👋 For 5 years, I’ve been committed to advancing Product Management education. On this journey, I’ve been privileged to meet hundreds of Product Leaders, some are from big companies like Google and Facebook, others are from smaller startups. These people are dedicated, modest visionaries, committed to the team, the mission and the customer. It’s been an honor to grant them a platform to speak to and inspire the next generation of PMs. With all of this information out there, people often don’t know where to begin. New PMs or people looking to transition ask me if there’s some sort of “Magic Formula” 🔮 to product mastery… The answer is, there’s no magic formula. But we’ve put together the next best thing. 💪🏻 📹 Product Talks is a curated selection of the best video lectures and presentations in our repertoire. Our team reviewed over 1000 videos, and compiled the most relevant clips into a collection of 20 videos, designed to be consumed over 20 days. This Product is covering the entire lifecycle from research to launch. No matter where you are in your career - novice or veteran - you’ll find ideas that give you clarity, energy and insight to take the next step. In 20 days, with one online video per day, you’ll be on your way to becoming a creator, a leader, and a product visionary.
@villaumbrosia Great resources. I am starting today and will give the feedback after 20 days. P.S: I am not a product manager.