Product Psychology

This Explains Everything: A Course on User Behavior

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User psychology, especially as it applies to product design and marketing in startups, is underrepresented in formal and online education, imho. I’ve been a long-time reader and fan of @nireyal since before I met him for dinner nearly 2 years ago. That dinner turned into a fun side project, helping him with his book, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products (new updated release is coming shortly). There are some smart folks curating the weekly course (similar to the popular design-focused Hack Design project), including @joshelman, @alexbaldwin, and @JamieMadigan.
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@rrhoover: @nireyal's course on the hooked model changed my entire perspective on social media and how people form habits in relation to it. Highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in understanding online habits.
@rrhoover I think I've seen some mentions in blog posts, but it would be cool to see a full review of how PH used the Hook model. I think PH succeeded because you were able to community build and involve people at scale, but also bc there's low churn as PH is very habit forming.
@nikkielizdemere Thanks! So glad it was helpful
@EAWharton I'm not sure if @rrhoover wants to reveal all his secrets :)
@rrhoover @nireyal @joshelman @alexbaldwin @JamieMadigan Couldn't agree more about the lack of research not only in product design and marketing, but in the entire digital space in general as well. Great to see you guys tackling this issue in a specific niche, I'm excited to read the book and check this out!
I had pretty much cleaned up my email and removed all of my subscriptions... until PH. One more added to the list. Finished the first lesson. The linked articles were really good. I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.
My take on how the concept of variable rewards applies to PH (more on this here: 1. Rewards of the tribe: “With each….post, users wonder how much social validation they’ll receive” PH does this via the upvoting mechanism, twitter mentions & recognition of top posts in the daily email 2. Rewards of the hunt: “.. the hunt for information engages users”…..”Using…short, attention-grabbing text, the list is a variable reward mechanism designed to keep you hunting for your next discovery.” You have no idea what's going to show on PH everyday - so this is built in as core functionality. At a smaller level, the “Show X More Products” also plays into this to see what else beyond what you can see immediately has been submitted. 3.Rewards of the Self “… rewards we seek for personal gratification.” PH does this via the commenting system & the leaderboard How'd I do? :) cc @nireyal
@AnujAdhiya nicely done! :)
@nireyal That variable rewards post is one of those life changing ones imo :)
@AnujAdhiya thank you!
neat! @bermster and @danariely and irrational labs should check this out :)