Product Mindset

Free book on how to get inside your customer’s mind 🤯

#3 Product of the WeekApril 04, 2019
What’s inside:
💥 Filling a Need, FAST (MVP)
🤝 AI Products that People Trust
💬 Customer Voice: How to ask the right questions
🔮 Past, Present & Future of Personalization
🤩 Why First Impressions Matter
💡The Psychology of Habit-Forming Products
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Dear Hunters, We’ve certainly missed you all since we launched Ship It... But we’re back at it with a brand new book for the Product World! This time around, we’re diving into the minds of your customers and unlocking the inner workings of their psychies. Featuring cutting edge advice from experts in Product Management, Psychology, and User Research, we welcome you to “Product Mindset” — a 60 page book you can download for FREE. Inside you’ll find some of the latest and most impactful insights from industry icons, this book will be your guide to understand how your customer thinks, why they are using your product, as well as the experiences they have with your product. 🔮 From how Spotify won over its customers, to how Netflix tamed Artificial Intelligence, these real-world case studies are ideal for anyone looking to build products that people love. So, Hunters… What comes next is up to you. Based on your personal mission, the needs of the customers you serve, and the value of the company you work for, seek to build products that solve your customer problems. We cannot wait to see what you come up with! By the way, for the first time ever, this book is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese. 👉Get it here Carlos, CEO of Product School
@villaumbrosia this is amazing. Any plans to have a Kindle compatible version?
@jprcoliveira Hi João, thank you! We'll be working on the Kindle version next week. We'll let you know once it's available!
@villaumbrosia This is awesome! I'm always looking for resources to expand my knowledge on product, coming from a more technical background :) I signed up for Ship it while I was at it, looks like some great reading - I'm going to use this to help steer some decisions on how I build my side project - Thanks to all the team who contributed to this!
@geordi_dearns1 thank you, Geordi! We're glad our content has been helpful so far!! Let us know what you think after you finish reading Product Mindset — 🙌
@villaumbrosia Link keeps pointing to Product Book! 4th time running. Could you please repair the link in the email so it's pointing to the new ebook? Many thanks
uou ! Thankyou! Gold Content!!
@ruiparada 🙌 We hope you enjoy it, Rui. Let us know what you think!
@villaumbrosia Deal ! I´m reading it now! ;) !! Thanks!

Awesome book, Product School continues to curate top-notch content that actually improves my overall understanding of our relationship with products.


Real-world examples of how to understand your consumer and build products that will truly solve their problems.



This is way different than other Product books. The best part is that I feel I can apply these learnings to my work as soon as I read it.


The usage of psychology for understanding customers


I microwaved my food too long because I was so engrossed in the content.

hey, @villaumbrosia! The nice book again. You guys create really good content for PMs and product-related professionals - thank you! btw, tried to connect you with you via twitter @roman_eaton, hope to ask some questions about your previous books, anyway
@roman_eaton Hi Roman! We're glad you enjoy our content, that's our goal! 😄— I'll make sure to answer your questions via Twitter. Thank you!