Your Slack channels are full of valuable product ideas, requests, and feedback from colleagues who work with prospects and customers all day every day. Put those insights to use! Capture them in productboard so you’ll know exactly what to build next.

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Hi all hunters and makers! 👋 The team here at productboard is excited to launch a new integration with slack. For those of you not familiar with productboard we are a product management system that helps your product teams decide which features to build next. As a result, you deliver the right products to market faster. We’ve heard you loud and clear that you use slack more and more to share valuable product input from your colleagues and customers. Thanks to our new integration you can quickly push slack messages (and even whole threads!) into productboard, and also capture additional critical context such as customer info and importance of the insight right from within slack. And even better, you can also link the message directly to a specific component or feature in your productboard project. We hope that thanks to the new integration you can capture user insights even more efficiently and thus allow the whole team to understand the needs of your customers even better. Please let us know what you think. We are grateful for any feedback! Also, if you have any other ideas, submit them on our product portal Thank you! 🙏 Hubert
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Congrats Hubert and all the team! 👏👏 We're big fans of productboard at Slite, this is a great add-on!
@christophepas Thank you! More great stuff coming out soon!
I'm one of the little faces who contributed ideas for this! Loved using ProductBoard for a while now but previously had to find my own hacky ways of getting team feedback out of Slack using Zapier. This native support will be great for getting teams more engaged with the roadmap and actively submitting ideas!
@jamesdevonport Thank you for being with us even during the "hacky" days! 😃
Love productboard! We have been brainstorming ways to get more insights into our productboard instance. I'm excited to share this with my team! 🎉
@heatheratrelay Thank you! And let us know if your team comes up with more ideas about getting more insights in!

The ProductBoard team is awesome and does a great job of listening to feedback and incorporating that into their own roadmap. This latest integration is another example of their thoughtful implementation.


Great way to feed insights into your ProductBoard inbox from your Slack community


The way that certain bot integrations work with Slack may cause difficulties in getting that info imported into ProductBoard.