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#3 Product of the DayJuly 20, 2017

Danny Wendt
Tony Sargeant
  • Tony Sargeant
    Tony SargeantCopy/Songwriter, Poet and Raconteur

    It's great to go back and see what was happening a while ago.


    It's not there at your fingertips, you have to bookmark it.

    I enjoy looking back, at what we were geeking out on and remind myself of when brands and products started.

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Great work, @devladinci! As Product Hunt ages, its database of products gets even more interesting, like an internet archive of tech culture, trends, and conversation. It’s interesting to see how product evolved since then and which didn’t make it (also checkout the community-made, Product Haunt and Product Hop). Now every day can be linked to, you’ll start seeing this used in other creative ways shortly. 😉 Fun game: go back 1+ years ago and share your favorite nostalgic discovery in the comments below. #TBT
I'll start: Spotify Discovery Weekly launched 2 years ago today. I've been listening every week since then. 💕
@devladinci @rrhoover Looks super awesome guys!
@rrhoover you know what would be awesome? a community feature like, "i forgot" - people can post a question like, "what was that web app that did X?" and then users can deep link if they think they know what it is...
"Product Hunt launches Time Travel"
Two years ago (tomorrow) I launched my first ever thing It became number 1 of the day and i think in top 20 of all time. From that I got a job at Product Hunt and the rest is history. But seriously, 2 YEARSSSS AGOOOO?! That's crazy, here's the time jump:
My #TBT product goes to Gboard. I switch out of apps far less than before installing this amazing keyboard. I'm also typing this on my phone with autosuggestions, so really Gboard just recommended itself. #meta
Comic Sans?
@ruv yaaah... b/c 'time travel' 😛