Product Hunt Socks

Kitty socks from our friends at Sock Club 😻

#4 Product of the DayNovember 03, 2017

We've partnered with Sock Club to bring the joy of Product Hunt socks to feet around the world.

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We've been kicking this idea around internally for months - excited to finally see it go live. Wouldn't have been possible without our friends at Sock Club. πŸ™ Tweet us pictures of your socks when they arrive, we'd love to see where they end up!
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@nickabouzeid send Nick pics of feet! 🧦
@mscccc You know what I love
These will make great stocking stuffers for my fam. 😊
You just made Christmas gifts for my PH loving friends a whole lot easier ;)
Ordered Mine!
It is a pity in Russia will not understand such cool brand socks :))