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So meta and thanks for writing this, @mijustin. Any interest in manning our support inbox as well? 😉
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@rrhoover lol. With any luck, this handbook will *reduce* your support inbox. ;)
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ProductHunt seems to have more black magic than most social link sites. How do I get commenting access? How can I submit products? Why do the products I submit never hit the site? (or do they? Should I get notified?). How does the rating work? What products get included in the daily email? When is the cut-off? What happens if your product was submitted early and it wasn't quite ready? ;-) It certainly sounds like a manual might be required!
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@ideasasylum thanks! Yes, the idea was to provide readers with three things: 1. Lessons from Product Hunt’s history (how you can create better products). 2. How to effectively use Product Hunt as a user. 3. How to launch your own product on the platform successfully.
@ideasasylum yeah; you're right that there's quite a lot that's blackboxed 1) you get commenting access by someone else inviting you. 2) you can submit products by getting an extra layer of access, by a producthunt employee inviting you I guess; 3) "Why do the products I submit never hit the site?" - because you don't have access to post products.
Well this is meta... ;) I'm working on it as we speak. The idea was to build a project in 7 days as part of my Build & Launch experiment: http://buildandlaunch.net/ep6-th... O_o Wish me luck. Hoping I can launch it tonight!
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@mijustin i believe in you.
@mijustin Love the idea Justin, enjoying your podcast too.
Now @mijustin has to rush to get this done!
@nathanbarry oh god oh god oh god. ;)
@mijustin @nathanbarry Haha. Producthunt, defeating procrastination, one hunt at a time.
@nathanbarry thought I'd announce it here first! The first version of the Product Hunt Handbook is SHIPPED! It includes: - the full PDF ebook (37 pages) - full video interview with Ryan Hoover (streamable + downloadable) - written transcript of the video interview Coming soon: - another case study (based on @adriangrant's request below) - a separate bundle that will include The Hacker News Handbook
Such a great idea. And being at the top of Product Hunt right now is awesome proof that you know what you're doing and that you're qualified to write this!