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#4 Product of the WeekFebruary 05, 2015
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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
So meta and thanks for writing this, @mijustin. Any interest in manning our support inbox as well? 😉
Justin Jackson
Justin JacksonMaker@mijustin · ⚡️
@rrhoover lol. With any luck, this handbook will *reduce* your support inbox. ;)
Jamie Lawrence
Jamie Lawrence@ideasasylum · 💻 📈 🏊 🇮🇪 🐠 🐈
ProductHunt seems to have more black magic than most social link sites. How do I get commenting access? How can I submit products? Why do the products I submit never hit the site? (or do they? Should I get notified?). How does the rating work? What products get included in the daily email? When is the cut-off? What happens if your product was submitted early and it wasn't quite ready? ;-) It certainly sounds like a manual might be required!
Justin Jackson
Justin JacksonMaker@mijustin · ⚡️
@ideasasylum thanks! Yes, the idea was to provide readers with three things: 1. Lessons from Product Hunt’s history (how you can create better products). 2. How to effectively use Product Hunt as a user. 3. How to launch your own product on the platform successfully.
Jack Smith
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
@ideasasylum yeah; you're right that there's quite a lot that's blackboxed 1) you get commenting access by someone else inviting you. 2) you can submit products by getting an extra layer of access, by a producthunt employee inviting you I guess; 3) "Why do the products I submit never hit the site?" - because you don't have access to post products.
Justin Jackson
Justin JacksonMaker@mijustin · ⚡️
Well this is meta... ;) I'm working on it as we speak. The idea was to build a project in 7 days as part of my Build & Launch experiment: O_o Wish me luck. Hoping I can launch it tonight!
Kathleen Warner
Kathleen WarnerHunter@kathleen_warner · Product Designer
@mijustin i believe in you.
Fred Rivett
Fred Rivett@fredrivett · Co-founder @ The Dot
@mijustin Love the idea Justin, enjoying your podcast too.
Nathan Barry
Nathan Barry@nathanbarry · Founder, ConvertKit
Now @mijustin has to rush to get this done!
Justin Jackson
Justin JacksonMaker@mijustin · ⚡️
@nathanbarry oh god oh god oh god. ;)
Greg Gilbert
Greg Gilbert@gregoiregilbert · I make products and run companies.
@mijustin @nathanbarry Haha. Producthunt, defeating procrastination, one hunt at a time.
Justin Jackson
Justin JacksonMaker@mijustin · ⚡️
@nathanbarry thought I'd announce it here first! The first version of the Product Hunt Handbook is SHIPPED! It includes: - the full PDF ebook (37 pages) - full video interview with Ryan Hoover (streamable + downloadable) - written transcript of the video interview Coming soon: - another case study (based on @adriangrant's request below) - a separate bundle that will include The Hacker News Handbook
Brian Krall
Brian Krall@bkrall · Lead Front-end Developer, Tovala
Such a great idea. And being at the top of Product Hunt right now is awesome proof that you know what you're doing and that you're qualified to write this!
Justin Jackson
Justin JacksonMaker@mijustin · ⚡️
@bkrall Thanks!