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#5 Product of the DayJanuary 04, 2016
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Awesome work @morganjlopes I love seeing the amazing community building things on top of PH. What inspired this? Have you thought of adding number of comments too? Pretty cool way to go back and visit what were posted previously. Would be cool to add a search function too :) What plans do you have for this?
@bentossell Thanks! • I was inspired to built it when a client and friend of ours, @tenrocket, was featured at the beginning of November ( The traction they experienced brought to mind a lot of questions about the data side of Product Hunt. (What day is the most popular? What time of day? How has 'vote' volume changed over the years? etc) I had some downtime over the holidays so figured I'd make a go of it. • I'm still looking for ways new, interesting ways to present the data. Number of comments is a great suggestions. • Thanks. I though it might be helpful for people just joining PH who wanted to 'catchup' • Plans? Provide more useful snapshots of data. Highlight the best and brightest of Product Hunt submissions. Cheers!
Great job! This is a goldmine of information. @rrhoover are there plans to capture where products are built/originate? It would be great to see a global PH map using this kind of data.
thanks @horsthuis. pH does a great job of providing a ton of data to work with. Origin is definitely something I considered but it's harder to pinpoint since a lot of products don't have makers listed. A map view its a great suggestion though!
@horsthuis I'd love to see an origin map. The best way to do that (that I can think of) would be to retroactively locate where the makers are from via their Twitter bio.
Nice, @morganjlopes! The votes breakdown is interesting. Are times in Pacific Time (the same time zone we report in)?
@rrhoover Thanks! Ah, currently they're not. It's an easy change though. Stay tuned.
very interesting to see the average votes per month not fluctuate too much month per month; but increase 50% in March 2015. @rrhoover any ideas what happened in March to make it go from ~69k upvotes in Feb, to 105k upvotes in March?
This is extremely helpful in understanding what is the best time to post on product hunt! Great idea @morganjlopes, I'm surprised this has not gotten more upvotes!
@joey_tawadrous That's definitely what I'm trying to work towards. I've love to hear if any other representation of the data would be helpful. Also, as @rrhoover mentioned, currently time is reported as GMT, but will be adjusting that soon. As for the upvotes, I posted a little later this morning. Currently playing catchup. Sharing is caring :)