Procreate Pocket 3.0

The most versatile sketching, painting and illustration app

Procreate Pocket features high-resolution canvases, 136 incredible brushes, an advanced layer system, and is powered by Silica M: the same industry leading Metal engine that powers Procreate for iPad.
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This app looks amazing — as do their 3.0 release notes: There comes a time in a young app's life when it starts to experience certain… changes. Procreate Pocket is growing up, and shocked to discover it suddenly has Text in places it never had Text before. It's also noticing Liquify, Warp, QuickShape, Crop, Symmetry, Clipping Masks, Drawing Guides, and so much more. • Text and Typography Now that Procreate Pocket has reached textual maturity it's discovered the joy of importing fonts and slipping type into illustrations and designs. With elegant controls and powerful customisation options, your incredibly deep and original song lyrics have never looked better. • QuickShape No complex menus or tool swapping here: just draw any shape and watch it bend and snap to form flawless squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, and polygons like magic. • Liquify Now you can Pull, Expand, Pinch, and Twirl just the way you like it - but remember to lock your bedroom door first. Exclusive Edge and Crystal brushes add fine control and serendipity to your art, and you can enhance any adjustment with mind-bending Distortion and Momentum. • Crop & Resize Crop & Resize gives you the power to trim down or enlarge your canvas, and you won't even need those dubious emails from your spam folder. • Advanced Drawing Guides Structure your art using new 2D and Isometric Drawing Guides, and snap your strokes to your guide with Drawing Assist. • Symmetry Symmetry Drawing Guides mirror your strokes as you paint. Customize with half, quadrant, or radial options, and use mirror or rotational modes to create mind-blowing kaleidoscopic effects. • Warp and Distort With up to 16 nodes for fine control, you can wrap, fold, and curve your artwork to fit any angle. • Improved Selections Use new Shape Selections to quickly isolate elliptical or rectangular areas of your artwork. Feather your edges for soft and beautiful blending to take care of those pesky blemishes. • Improved Inking Precisely adjust the shape and size of your stroke taper: fully customizable pressure curves are now built directly into every brush for size, opacity, and bleed. If only it was always this easy to control your flow. • Clipping Masks Clipping Masks let you apply colours, textures, and dazzling effects to any layer. The base layer controls visibility and the clipping mask handles the rest. • Transform Interpolation Take the edge off your transformation results when you choose Bilinear, Bicubic, or Nearest Neighbor. Now you'll never be hard at inappropriate times. • Gallery Preview Pinch outward to view your artworks edge to edge, without any distractions. Tap or swipe for a slideshow - but if you swipe too far, you may see things you can’t unsee. • Share Layers Export multiple layers to a PDF, a folder full of PNG images, or express your feelings through the medium of animated GIFs. • Brush Set Sharing Now you can easily archive your brush sets, or share them freely with anyone who catches your eye. • 30-Second Time Lapse Export full length Time-lapses or begin your chosen career as a social media influencer with 30-second recordings. It is too a real job, Mom! • View Single Layer Give a misunderstood layer some alone time by holding the Visibility checkbox. • QuickMenu Access all your favourite features fast. Activated by double-tap or stylus button, this handy radial menu offers six customizable options. • Redesigned interface Keep the focus on your canvas, with everything you need to refine your illustration close at hand. Procreate Pocket has grown into its interface and is feeling cute. Might delete later. Your likes and comments give us life, so leave a review on the App Store!
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