Get a new virtual card for every transaction

About is an innovative way to protect your personal information over the internet. Are you feeling uncomfortable using your credit card online? has the perfect solution - it creates a virtual card that masks your bank statements for your online payments.

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  • Chad WhitakerDesign at Product Hunt

    Prevents your credit card from being stolen. Perfect for free trials.


    Can't be used for in-store transactions like is perfect for free trials. No more setting a calendar reminder to cancel your account.

    Just create a burner card with a $1 limit, and the whole cancellation process will work itself out. 😬

  • J. Christian BernabeOps Director | Early Adopter | Polymath

    I love the idea of burner cards, especially if you are into protecting your security and privacy. The Chrome extension is great too.


    I wish you could create burner cards with credit card accounts, not just with debit cards. I'm waiting for this feature to arrive.

    Privacy is an awesome solution for protecting your privacy/security when you shop online. As cyber breaches continue to be par for the course, I can see this service being of great use for those of us who are security-minded. Please integrate linking credit cards to create burner cards!

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  • Pros: 

    Super awesome idea in this era of security breaches... and also you can delete cards anytime! How awesome is that.


    I have to use a card to have more meaningful input.

    Set spending limits is OK, but I think the larger opportunity is security. interested to know about your go-to-market--do you have partners etc?

    Carla Olson has used this product for one week.