Personalize native screens without app releases

Mobile app retention and growth is hard. The folks behind Primer know how to grow apps like no other and now they are building a product. Sign me up!
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I've worked with the founders in the past at a couple companies and can vouch for them as well. Super sharp team. I'd love to hear more about the creation story here. @kamobit @bradenflynn how did this product come about from your initial consulting company, to finding this problem, to getting this solution into "the wild"?
Thanks @staringispolite! We've been working as a mobile app growth team for hire for the past 3 years and have seen the same obstacles around improving native new user experiences come up repeatedly. Many of our clients are some of the larger technology companies out there. But some are also smaller 10-50 person teams. They all run into the huge problem of not being able to make significant changes to their new user experience....both to personalize it based on traffic source and to just change it when they want to test something. With Primer, we are hoping to bring the degree of freedom that many companies are used to exercising on the web to native mobile apps. When making changes to these experiences crosses a threshold of ease that no longer requires app releases, the impact on growth can be very very substantial. Just because teams are able to try wild and crazy ideas that they would never give themselves permission to even consider.
Love the product and idea. Question for the founders: Onboarding is generally a very product/market/audience dependent experience. How do you guys make sure that users of your product understand what works and what doesn't? As an aside, do you also provide best practices & recommendations?
@sergeisorokin thanks for the question! Yes, we actually go a step beyond best practices and provide more than 200 native ready-to-use native screens that have already been tested and proven to convert across millions of installs
My favorite thing about Primer is that it decouples A/B testing from App Store releases. Just like how products such as Optimizely decouple A/B testing from web releases, and UnBounce decoupled landing pages - this could bring the ease and pace of testing we've all come to expect on the web, into the mobile space. Super exciting.
Hi amazing Product Hunt Community, We are very very excited to be launching Primer today. I'll be available all day to answer questions regarding our product, new user experiences in mobile apps, or mobile growth in general!
@kamobit w00t!! View from the Primer war room today :)