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#4 Product of the DayDecember 01, 2013
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Ok, so clearly, this is just vaporware, right? But, it's a pretty clever way for Amazon to get pageviews that direct users to their low priced Kindle fire HDX offering, and keep nerds like me excited about the drones that they're coming out with next. Stellar.
So excited. This means we're one step closer toward Taco Copter!
I'm interested to learn more about the hurdles they face getting FAA clearance. Seems like a potential interesting new open channel for lots of drone activity. It would be a shame if we carve out airspace for drones and Amazon is the only one that gets to use it
I met an entrepreneur recently who started a company that does high end drones for (mostly commercial) real estate photography. He said that they had very little trouble getting clearance for his product (and I believe was even testing it with the defense department). I think with the Amazon Prime Air model though, the drones are flying out of plain view of their controller, so its a very different use case.
This was definitely a great PR coup on the eve of Cyber Monday. Re: viability, like many things in the coming few years, policy will be the limiting factor, not technology.