Prime Air

A future drone delivery system from Amazon

Prime Air is Amazon's last-mile delivery solution for the next decade, with autonomous drones that can deliver packages directly to your house in less than an hour. Two-day delivery is already becoming too slow, it seems πŸ‘€

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Jack Dweck
Product Manager at Rakuten
Amazon published a video showing off its new Prime Air design, and it's a beauty! 😍 This is a big departure from the initial version, announced in 2013. Prime Air is a project by Amazon which promises delivery by drone in 30 minutes or less. Though it's not yet publicly available, Jeff Bezos estimates it'll officially launch in 3-4 years. With this latest version, it looks like Amazon is making significant progress and is taking this project very seriously. I want this right now, @JeffBezos!
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Saul Sutcher
UX Designer/Product Manager
I just love how jeremy clarkson is the narrator.
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mattInvestor/EIR at @accion
@saulsutcher I can't wait for the "Drone in a Reasonably Priced Car" segment.
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Smokie Does Stuff
@mattschaar @saulsutcher As long as Prime Air doesn't use the same drone pilots that drive The Grand Tour drones we should be good! ;)
Edward WoodcockTech Co-Founder @ GetDinghy
@mattschaar @saulsutcher Or 'celebrity in a reasonably priced drone'?
Joshua Pinter
Product at CNTRAL. Maker of ntwrk.
Little known fact is that the Drones are piloted by their tamed racing pilot, The Stig.
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Benjamin SaksFounder, @KerfCase
I would like to see how the regulatory environment looks in 3-4 years. I have been an avid model airplane builder for about 15 years and an AMA member. A drone flying 1-2lb of cargo over subdivisions would be the stuff of dreams, yet would be a litigation disaster the first time it failed. It happens a lot now, look how the film world has been disrupted by drones, mostly unregulated, and a lot of profit has been made. I think there is a bright future for this, on both the product side and the legal/regulatory side.
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Niv Dror
VC at Shrug Capital
The video makes me think of "Uber for Drones"
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