Priced Right - The App Pricing Playbook

Price your app like the pros with this simple guide.

Just the book I've been looking for! Thank you!
@mikaellowgren awesome! Let me know what you think of it!
@clairesayshi Many good thoughts and tips. I've wondered how different price and price models work diffrently in different countries. I think I've noticed differences that would be interesting to read about. This is a great intro anyway, thanks!
@mikaellowgren I've done a bit of research comparing the data from the App Store in India to the data in this book and there are some interesting differences. It's on the Appbot blog if you're interested in checking it out :) If you're thinking of a different market comparison let me know :)
Is this just apps or will it help with a Saas service we are constructing. We are having a hell of a time getting the price right?
@mywoisme the principles around when freemium works and how to approach upsells (in app purchases in apps) are still broadly applicable to SaaS :)
@clairesayshi @mywoisme Awesome! Just what I've been looking for...have been losing sleep trying to arrive at different pricing structures for what I've been working on. Do I underprice and get over bombed, do I overprice and lose or do I just throw my hands in the air like I just don't care?