Generate your own custom presidential alerts

Presidential Alert app is your very own presidential alerts generator.

The moment I got the alert on Wednesday, I knew something like this would appear on PH before the end of the week.
@rrhoover It was bound to happen, the meme factor is _too_ high 😄
If only there was a way to send prank presidential alerts to someone else's phone...
@daviswbaer This has been requested a few times! Could hack something together and run with it. 🤔
WTH!!!! its been a day or what? That was fast xD catching up with the trend and you are late to the market hours after a trend.
This is the best of these I've seen! You can make it even more authentic by using -apple-system in your CSS font family to get San Francisco instead of Helvetica Neue
@bsuto Interesting and good to know! Will have to add that in. Didn’t want to use a downloaded SF against Apple’s TOU 🤦‍♂️
Impressive speed to market.