Can't decide? Share your two photos, find your best shot!

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I find it weird that Instagram is supposed to be a social network, but we need a "pre-network" to vet our "social" options? Just feels off. Good idea, though.
@calebgleit that's why Instagram added Stories, to decrease the friction and anxiety of posting the "perfect" photo.
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@calebgleit We do not want to accept but there are conversations between friends about selecting their best photos. When we realized that, we built PreInsta for making the process fun and fast. Thank you for your comment.
@rrhoover @calebgleit They also added an option for sharing multiple photos at once, but the main point of Instagram is all about posting the perfect photo.
What on earth is wrong with humans? Why do we care so much about social affirmation? When will we stop caring about how many likes we get?
@robjbye When we die, I guess.
There's no way to organically A/B test content on instagram. For influencers and brands, optimized content really makes the difference. This kind of product definitely has a place in Instagram marketing.
@connorcirillo Aside - I think the branding might be a bit too close for Big Zuck's liking (or maybe it's just me)...
@connorcirillo Great idea! This could be our revenue model, thank you.
Very cool @emreberkst! I just launched something similar called Postable - It's not as transparently marketed towards pre-Instagram polling but that's one of the core use cases. Looking forward to checking it out.