Power Toothpaste

The 1st caffeinated toothpaste. Get a rush while you brush!

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Yup. This is for real. Get caffeinated while you brush your teeth in the morning (and throughout the day)! I've tried it, and it does the trick and tastes great. Makes my smile wider and gives me minty fresh breath. I'm sure we'll start seeing Power Toothpaste very soon in the bathrooms of tech company headquarters, right next to the toothbrushes and mouthwash.
@hnshah glad you liked it! It's perfect for just after lunch when you need to get back to work.
I’m one of the makers of Power Toothpaste and I’m happy to announce to the PH community that Power Toothpaste is available and shipping now! This the world’s first caffeinated toothpaste: get a rush while you brush! We like to think of ourselves as the soylent for waking up ;) Our toothpaste gives you a quick caffeine boost that works as soon as you start brushing. (I still drink coffee, just later in the morning) This toothpaste seriously works. I actually had to *lower* the caffeine content from the original version. I am so happy my cofounder Dan and I have the opportunity to share it with all of you. Though it is a simple idea, it has been a long time coming and we went through over 60 formula iterations before we got the flavor chemistry right. My co-founder (Dan) and I had been tossing around ideas about various bathroom products; we both wanted to make a physical product that people could use everyday. Dan read an American Dental Association study that said less than half of Americans brushed twice a day… and he was fascinated with why so many people ignore such basic advice. We tossed around a bunch of ideas, and it hit me, why not a caffeinated toothpaste? I was shocked when I learned the product didn’t exist already. The next morning I made version 1 with a hammer in my kitchen. I smashed a caffeine pill into dust in my cast iron pan, mixed it with toothpaste from my bathroom, and I had the first-ever caffeinated toothpaste. It worked. Since that point we have raised over $40k on Indiegogo and we’ve shipped over 2,000 tubes of toothpaste so far, all made in the USA. We have thousands more tubes filled, boxed, and ready to go. Get a rush while you brush!
Everything's getting caffeinated. Cubes. Soylent. What's next?
@rrhoover we like to think of ourselves as "the soylent for waking up"
@rrhoover Caffeinated Alarm Clock: exudes an energizing mist to really wake you up. Snooze button doubles amount released each time you press it.
@forestmars @rrhoover you might not believe this... but ~7 years ago I had a dream of a caffeine alarm clock; I woke up and started trying to make it. This is what directly led to me becoming an entrepreneur.
What flavour is it? Because that could be solving a real issue!! Brush my teeth then drink coffee = horrible taste This could really increase my caffeine consumption tho which I dont need haha... Have you thought about selling it as a duo-pack one caffeinated and one not? I'd be kicking myself if I used caffeine to brush before bed!
@bentossell It is *extremely* minty. I cranked it way up as I iterated formulas; this is a very refreshing toothpaste.
@bentossell and yes! Dual pack is something we're working on... we have a few different ideas for a nighttime variant. Stay tuned!
@nappy awesome Will there be a variation of whitening, protect, whatever else the brands have too?
@bentossell All of this is very possible, and potentially soon. We're staying as focused as we can on our first version product before we extend our product line. There are challenging aspects of dealing with tubes, packaging, and production runs that make us want to grow a bit before we offer variants. I'm excited for the point where we can offer a "decaffeinated" toothpaste ;)
I do not know how pragmatic this is as you would have to have a different type of tooth paste for night time. But if i saw this in the grocery store I would definitely try this at least one time :)