Alpine simulator game for iOS

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Do you still get eaten by the Yeti at the end?
My favorite game as a kid was SkiFree, and this caused some serious nostalgia! I love the design as well. Nicely done, @davechenell
@davechenell @cbeck527 I was thinking the same thing when I saw it! Love how smooth and sleek it is. I'm def. addicted! Well done!
I've been playing with this game for a few days. I LOVE the design. Simple, clean and elegant. Last night I just paid the $1.99 upgrade, which improved the experience.
@corleyh Thanks for the post! I'm really pumped you guys are digging the game. If anyone has questions/comments let me know!
@rrhoover derp, thanks all fixed :)
This game is so calming. Here's AppSpy's video review: