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Glorious paragraph creator from Slack

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First Facebook, and now Slack. Yes, everyone is upgrading their editors except, it seems, Blogger. Great to see this feature get some love, considering v1.0 only had 5 hours put into it! :)
Clickbait alternative tagline: Slack takes on Medium and Facebook Notes. 😁 I wish I knew about this last night when I shared the launch checklist with @everyone in the team. Click this in about 45 minutes.
I've been using posts 2.0 for a few weeks now and love it. It appeared in one of my slack teams as a little present one day. Formatting is super simple. Wish for better embedding support (upload image, embed video etc) and most of all collab editing!
i don't know if 'paragraph creator' makes much sense as a description. it looks like an interesting feature though. I wonder how this will evolve in the context of slack. Will it be kind of ephemeral (i.e. lost in the timeline), or more sticky content that is stored somewhere to reference (e.g. like a wiki).
@_jacksmith Same here. Also wondering if formatting is a first step for Slack to enable people (some day) to send emails from Twitter!
Makes a lot of sense to me. I can see this being useful for internal PR, i.e., when a company using Slack wants to put out a beautifully formatted announcement to all employees. This made me think about Medium and distribution a bit further. As companies use Slack more, will company-specific Slack instances become like little AM/FM radio tuners in cars, with Medium being the proverbial radio station (so basically RSS)? Will Slack become ubiquitous enough that we will be able to subscribe to Medium (or NYT or Product Hunt Podcasts, or whatever) using it, and will these media publications look to Slack as a distribution channel?