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#3 Product of the DayMay 05, 2016



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Ashley ReadMaker@ashread_ · Editor at Buffer :)
Thanks for hunting @bentossell :) Super excited to release PostReach into the wild today! The idea came up when I wanted a simple way to see behind share counts and find out "who" was actually sharing my content. There are some great tools like TweetReach and SocialRank to monitor performance of social accounts or hashtags on social but I couldn't find a great way to measure the performance of individual blog posts. In short, by entering the URL of a blog post, PostReach gives you insight into how far your content is spreading across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn and the identifies the top influencers who amplify it. Here's an example report: I'll be around here all day to answer any questions and can't wait to hear any feedback from the Product Hunt community. 🚀
Ali MeseHiring@meseali ·
@ashread_ @bentossell Thanks for this, Ashley, really needed it! Same here, analysing social accounts is great but I'm more interested in monitoring the individual post performance. This is super fast and it looks clean, also gives a really holistic view. Congrats on the launch
Ashley ReadMaker@ashread_ · Editor at Buffer :)
@meseali Thanks Ali, really awesome to hear that. Thanks so much for being a part of our beta too :)
Kishore@909kishore ·
@ashread_ that example report doesn't load
Ashley ReadMaker@ashread_ · Editor at Buffer :)
@909kishore Ah good, spot. My bad. This one should be working :)
Tweets by Musolé 🇿🇲 🇺🇸 🇦🇴@musolek · Marketing+SocialMedia+Crypto | #Travel
@ashread_ Tried it. Love it. Adding it to my analytics stack. 🙌🏿
Ben TossellHunter@bentossell · newCo
My buddy @ashread_ has been working on this side project and is pumped to release it today :) You can easily analyse your blog shares with simple reports! Historical data when first entering the URL is limited to 7 days prior at the moment (as with a lot of social media analytics tools)
Ashley ReadMaker@ashread_ · Editor at Buffer :)
@bentossell Thanks for hunting, Ben 🍻
Nate Benson@natebenson · Digital Media Manager at 43North
As a journalist I found this pretty useful to see how my stories from the week went. We get reports from our web team, but this is a great tool for quick data..
Ashley ReadMaker@ashread_ · Editor at Buffer :)
@natebenson Hey Nate, thanks for checking out PostReach. So great to hear you've found the app useful :) Appreciate the comment :)
chris bell@thisischrisbell · Flight Canvas
This tool is fantastic. Well done. So good, in fact, that I felt the need to write about it.
Ashley ReadMaker@ashread_ · Editor at Buffer :)
@thisischrisbell Wow, Chris! Totally blown away by this piece :)
Sarah Hewy@sarahhewy ·
This looks pretty awesome @ashread_ Love the design of the report, clean and simple! Does it work with posts that have been shared using Buffer, Quuu, Bitly links etc?
Ashley ReadMaker@ashread_ · Editor at Buffer :)
@sarahhewy Hey Sarah! Thanks so much, that's amazing to hear. PostReach should pick up any shares through apps like Buffer, Quuu, etc. If you create the report for the original URL (e.g. we'll pick up any shortened URL shares too. Not sure I've explained that too well but hope it makes sense. Feel free to reach out anytime :)
Sarah Hewy@sarahhewy ·
@ashread_ That's great, and makes perfect sense! :) I can definitely see me using this alongside my other social media/content marketing tools. Thanks for building it :)
Ashley ReadMaker@ashread_ · Editor at Buffer :)
@sarahhewy Awesome, thanks Sarah :) So cool to hear you could see it working for you, love to hear how you continue to use the tool. :)
Tweets by Musolé 🇿🇲 🇺🇸 🇦🇴@musolek · Marketing+SocialMedia+Crypto | #Travel
@sarahhewy curios about that as well @sugar_rydel