Postcards by Designmodo

Create awesome emails with drag & drop simplicity 😻

Postcards is an intuitive drag-and-drop tool that includes more than 70 components to help you create custom emails for your subscribers faster than ever before. Change the color of any button and background to match your brand colors, choose from 800+ fonts to complement your design.

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39 Reviews4.7/5

Been waiting for this product for a long time. Best email generator I've come across. Must try


Best email generator to date



Thanks Corey! Appreciate your kind words 😘
Great job!! 😊 will try it out 😊
I love it
Great design. When do you expect the transactional emails to be released?
@joshuapinter Can't tell for sure. But I hope it will be very soon! For now, 90% of people are asking for a content editor, so... I hope we can release it someday in between major releases.