We make insurance simple to understand, and easy to buy.

Popsure will help you get exactly the right insurance coverage you need. By only answering a few questions Popsure will understand your current situation and what insurance you need, no added frills.

We strongly believe that you shouldn't buy anything that you don't understand, and don't need. We are 100% transparent on why you need each insurance.

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Hey there product hunters! 🐱 We’re finally launching Popsure 🚀, an AI powered insurance advisor aimed for the German market 🇩🇪. The problem 😞 It's really hard to get basic insurance advice in Germany. Everyone will help you buy insurance, but no one will tell you what is worth buying. We want to fix that, Popsure gives a no frills recommendation, based on hardly any information. We classify each insurance as crucial, optional, not recommended, and quote a price range. For those that want more details, we can selectively dive in - e.g. "I want basics + bike cover". The solution 🙂 We’re building an honest recommendation engine that will take a look at your current situation and will determine what’s best for you. We want to make sure that you clearly understand what you’ve been sold and that we never upsell you anything. About us 🤓 We’re Rob and Vincent. Rob has a PhD in machine learning and has consulted insurance companies with McKinsey for 2 years. Vincent was working at N26 for the past two and a half years, disrupting the German banking industry. We’re both super excited to launch Popsure but for different reasons: Rob has seen the insurance industry and know how broken it is - Vincent loves getting customers excited about what are perceived of as boring industries.
Hey @vincentaudoire 👋 thanks for sharing your app with the community. Do you work directly with insurance providers to recommend the right cover, or are you independent in your advice?
Hi @ems_hodge, thanks for the comment! We are independent in our advice - but do use insurers to cover the risk, we don't do the underwriting ourselves!
I see that you say you've been using an algorithm to recommend insurance, what do you take into account as parameters and do you factor in all the policies from all the companies you work with to develop this algorithm?
@danirogerc Input: we take into account the parameters from our questionnaire in step 1, then follow up with missing pieces in step 2. Basic things like income, financial responsibilities, age. These actually let you determine quite well what insurance makes sense, and even roughly how much it should cost! Insurances: we look for the one that covers exactly what you need. Pricing and coverage are really hard to compare usually, as coverage isn't linear. So that's where we add value again, by finding the optimal solution for you from all the different policies out there!
@robschuie that’s superb, is this what the machine learning is ?
@danirogerc We think the hard problem is giving you a great recommendation based on as little data as possible. Once you have the exact parameters of the recommendation, finding a policy that exactly fits your specified set of requirements can be done (relatively) well already.

For a digital nomad / expat such as I am, getting an insurance plan is always a pain. I'm very excited to see what Popsure will bring to the market.


Nice and clear explanation of my insurance options. For some I didn't know they even existed.


It's beta.