Collaborative SQL editor to write, run, and share queries

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Thanks for hunting us @hnshah! 🙏 Sharing SQL has always been a pain for us at every company we’ve been at. We would use a tool like Sequel Pro to write a query, and then copy and paste it into chat to share it with a coworker, go back and forth on iterations of it, then eventually be scrolling through the chat history trying to find our queries. If we wanted to share the results, we would export the results to CSV, import the CSV to Google Sheets, and share that URL #PITA. When we switched from a MySQL company to a Postgres company, we couldn’t even use Sequel Pro anymore because it only supports one database: MySQL! We sought out other business intelligence tools that cost a fortune + a setup fee, where you have to fill out a lead form just to get pricing. We asked ourselves why there wasn’t a no nonsense, reasonably priced SQL editor that was built for teams: instant collaboration and easy to use. This motivated us to build PopSQL: a collaborative SQL editor that lets you instantly share queries/results, organize queries, and visualize your data. It works on Mac, Windows, Linux, and supports multiple databases: MySQL, Postgres, Redshift, BigQuery, and more. For anyone who writes SQL on a daily basis, this is the SQL editor you’ve been waiting for. We’re excited to unveil PopSQL to the Product Hunt community and we’re looking forward to your feedback! 😊
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Best name ever!
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@aglundahl Glad you share our sense of humor!
This is really cool. A desktop editor that makes SQL social. Collaborate on SQL queries just like you collaborate on words in Google Docs. Actually even better because you can write, run and share queries. Can't wait to see where this neat developer and analyst focused product goes next!
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This tool was made with a lot of taste! Fair pricing and wonderful name. Many thanks!
@geiger Thanks Paul - appreciate it!
This is amazing, love the idea of a collaborative SQL studio. Great interface as well!
@alexwhitedev Thanks Alex!