Popcorn Notify lets you send emails and messages from one API.

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I've personally signed up and paid for this product, but I understand that for some people concerns about reliability/customizability might come first. For anyone interested in setting this up for themselves using Mailgun/Twilio, here's a naive implementation of the API: https://gist.github.com/panphora...
Thanks for hunting @ozgrozer how did you stumble upon this?
@ozgrozer @abadesi I saw it on HackerNews some days before, maybe that's how he came to know about it.
How much does this actually cost? I see where it lets you pay, but it doesn't say how much it actually costs.
@jonmrich It should be listed in the API Keys section, $10 for 1,000 messages up to one year. https://www.popcornnotify.com/#A...
Thanks, cool work!
Great job!! How it supposed to be used for non technical users?
@ayush_chandra Thanks! It's a developer tool, designed to be used by developers. Though I think the simplicity makes it good for beginning developers and side projects.