Polymail Sequences is the easiest, most effective way to automate your team's email outreach and connect with more prospects.

Empower your team to reach and engage prospects more effectively with automatic follow ups. Understand how and when prospects engage with your outreach to identify your most qualified leads and most effective messages.

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Hi Product Hunt and thanks to everyone - especially @nivo0o0 and @nickabouzeid! We're excited to announce our newest product - Polymail Sequences! Since we started Polymail, we've heard a ton of feedback from users who wanted an easier way to setup multi-stage email campaigns and automate outreach to sales prospects. We built Sequences to make it easy for anyone to create and send an effective automated outreach campaigns in minutes. Sequences also delivers real-time insight into when and how prospects engage with your emails, so you can easily identify your most effective messages and qualified prospects. With Sequences, Polymail brings all of your sales communication together in one place. It's available today on our Teams and Enterprise tiers, and you can check it out here: https://polymail.io/sequences This is just the start, and we're excited to announce some more exciting updates to Sequences soon! If you have any feedback, questions, or just want to say hi - let us know in the comments! 💌
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Incredibly powerful launch - seems like a natural extension after the Salesforce integration. Polymail has become my go-to recommendation for casual Mac/iOS emailers looking for a beautiful interface and powerful features like email tracking/send later/snooze, but Polymail Pro is increasingly becoming a player in the business realm. What's next on the docket, @foolywk and team?
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Love it, congrats @foolywk and @PolymailApp team. Would love to see integration with other CRMs too like Hubspots free CRM and Pipedrive since many smaller / mid size companies use those too! I'm sure it's on the roadmap :)
Been waiting for this feature to switch from Mixmax. Can’t wait to try it out. Congrats on the launch Team Polymail!
@jiakeliu I LOVE my Mixmax. But I'm also a whore for the new. Why are you thinking you'll switch?
@cozysd Full disclosure: I'm a small investor in Polymail. But that's not the reason I'm switching to them, it's because they have the Sequences feature now. Honestly, Mixmax isn't bad, but I think the pricing is a bit high, it bugs out my gmail from time to time, and most importantly they don't have a mobile app.
Veeeery excited about this launch, as I was expecting this probably since July and the moment I joined Polymail. Unfortunately, no use for me at the moment of this feature. I'd also love to see fewer bugs in Polymail, as I've had multiple issues in the past few months.