Tracking politicians’ deleted tweets

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Hi! Thanks for hunting this! I originally built this thing back in 2010 and still run all the non-US versions of Politwoops (The US version is run by the Sunlight Foundation, BTW)
@breyten awesome, looks like the foundation is gearing up for the US (re) launch here: http://sunlightfoundation.com/bl...
@christiancooper We're talking to them. They're doing everything they can to get it back online as soon as possible
@christiancooper thank you for hunting this! Politicians, just like any other people, need to realize that nothing you put onto the internet can/will ever just "go away" even after it's "deleted".
@katesegrin Thanks, Kate. I'm excited about the prospect. Here is the twitter blog announcing their return and I think @ColinCrowell worked to make this happen. Just in time for election season in the US. https://blog.twitter.com/2015/ho...
I think this will be a hit. Once it opens up to US politicians (currently only European elected officials), I'm sure we'll have a field day seeing everything Donald Trump has deleted. @mcuban, what does this mean for Xpire? Are my tweets not deleted, but merely just hidden on the surface?
@andrewmettinger I'll have a field day with what Hillary has deleted
Love this. No doubt the arrogance of politicians will mean there will be lots of deleted tweets. Have to say that I agree with Richard Corbett's tweet above though. Would be fantastic to find a politician whose primary interest is their country rather than their political party. ;O)
@russwrites I bet the rate of late night deleted drunk tweets is high. I agree, deleted tweet equals "what I really think"
Super clever and fun to browse but this goes against Twitter's terms. Have they reached out to you, @breyten?
@breyten oooh! I completely missed this. Thanks for the correction.