AI that reads privacy policies so that you don't have to!

Polisis is a new way of visualizing and analyzing privacy policies, powered with AI. It can tell you what a site collects, what it is sharing, and much more!

And if you have further question about the policy, simply ask the chatbot, PriBot, to get an answer in real-time from the policy itself.

Feel free to analyze any site you want!

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Hello Product Hunt! Polisis is a tool targeted for users who are frustrated with the legalese language of privacy policies. We believe that these policies should not play the simultaneous role of being the user interface and the legally binding document. And so far, all the manual ways for simplifying policies have not scaled. Over the previous 20 months, we developed our research on understanding privacy policies with machine learning. Polisis is a first step of showing new automated ways of presenting privacy policies. Accompanying it is also PriBot, a chatbot that tries to answer user's' questions in real-time from the policy itself. As any machine-learning-based project, it can be mistaken occasionally, and we do not intend it as a replacement for the policy itself. But we are putting this out there since it is a major step beyond what is existing now. Since we launched it at the end of last week, we've had a strong user interest, averaging a 1000 user per day. These have analyzed over 3000 new policies with our tools. These tools are targeting the general user, but we'd be happy to engage in other ways of collaborations with the industry. Feel free to reach out to me (hamza.harkous@gmail.com) if you wanna have a chat!
@gmail @hamzaharkous I definitely like the idea, especially since jargon and stacks of paper can deter people from actually reading these. However, do you think this product can be further developed to help with the strict compliance which industries such as construction face?
@tamjid_aijazi Thanks Tamjid. The privacy compliance industry can definitely benefit from extensions to this. In other fields, such as construction, it might be possible to do something similar if the data exists. The approach itself is generic. But the data is not. So some work has be done before confirming its utility on that front.
@hamzaharkous Thank you so much for your reply, and here's to seeing an even more comprehensive solution soon.
I think this is a great idea, would take a look! Makers should consider an app that would do the same but with public policies, especially in our current political climate when rights are being taken away from people and they don't even know it! Wishing the best!
Neat idea––I like it! Are you looking to continue develop the product for businesses? I am curious about where you see market penetration.
@joshvoydik Thanks Joshua! Glad you liked it. I see a lot of potential in assisting compliance checkers. The ML results could provide evidence for missing issues/problematic statements. I also see potential in assisting other data protection tools targeted towards the end user.