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Hi Hunters, I'm the CEO and co-founder of PolicyGenius. Excited to share our health insurance marketplace with the Product Hunt community. Our big idea when designing this product, inspired by our years of digital insurance consumer experience, was to remove the “black box” from health insurance. What does that mean? Other sites (including the newly revamped healthcare.gov) ask you questions, feed your answers into an algorithm, then spit out a health insurance recommendation. But we found that experience doesn’t inspire trust in the recommendation nor empower the consumer to make a confident decision. So we flipped the user experience. Our site walks users step by step through a deconstructed algorithm - that algorithm being the set of key tradeoffs involved in health insurance selection. Every feature - whether it’s the plan’s premium or if the plan covers your current doctors - must be weighed against the tradeoffs in other features. This is the frustrating thing with health insurance: there’s no right answer, just a lot of “well, it depends” answers based on your priorities. For example, you might like to keep your current doctors, but would you still feel that way if the only plan that does so is twice as expensive as the next best plan? You might not - and that’s the “a-ha” moment that users find with our health insurance platform, which illustrates the tradeoff when you make a choice, across all the key health insurance decisions. And the end result of the experience is transparently rank-ordered plans, by best fit for your priorities, with a comprehensive look at each plan’s benefits. Other products we offer: Health insurance is the latest addition to the PolicyGenius platform that is on the path to one-stop-shopping for insurance. PolicyGenius also offers an Insurance Checkup that provides a holistic view of your insurance needs. It delivers actionable steps to ensure you have the correct coverage, even going so far as telling you what coverage you don’t need. Our platform also offers life, disability, pet and renters insurance. So please check us out! Happy to answer any questions. Thanks, Jennifer CEO & co-founder, PolicyGenius
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I love to see products that are tackling lead-gen focused industries such as insurance. Health insurance is especially interesting because literally every one needs it. PolicyGenius' new health insurance marketplace makes finding health insurance less painless. They aren't trying to push you the option that makes them the most money. As a consumer they help you make an educated choice for yourself.
@hnshah That was easy. Just purchased pet insurance for Luna!
@_shahedk @hnshah So glad the experience was easy for you! If you ever have any other feedback please let me know. Welcome to the PolicyGenius family!
Policy Genius is absolutely a game changer. No one uses design as innovation as effectively as they do.
@jonathanmoyal Thanks for the kind words Jonathan :)
Congrats on the 🚀 Policy Genius team!
@nydrewreynolds Thanks so much Drew!
Are there any tools out there people have seen whose aim is optimizing the insurance you already have?
@mfacchinello Hi Michael our insurance checkup allows you to see at a high level what gaps you might have and where you might be overinsured. No technology, that I've come across in the US, does an automatic assessment of your current policies. If you have a chance take a look at our Insurance Checkup tool, I'd love to hear any feedback you have on how it could be improved for the use case you're looking for. Thanks!
@francois_de_lame I will give it a look. I am less interested in the GAPs etc and more interested in knowing when to go to the doctor to avoid as much out of pocket expenses as possible. An example would be inputting the need for eye surgery and getting the recommendation to have one eye done before the year ends and do the other eye in the new year and so on.
@mfacchinello Interesting idea. Have not seen anything like that yet. I know some services are helping people figure out which provider to go to to get best rates though (e.g., cakehealth)
@francois_de_lame @mfacchinello Both of those would be excellent features--I've run into that experience with dental a lot. Optimizing for timed expenses and using up leftover FLEX accounts and things like that would really be nice features.