Polaroid Swing

Create moving photos with one easy tap

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Polaroid's developing (pun intended) into a software company. There are some similarities to GoPro which launched Quik a few months ago. Just read this post from @biz, who lent a hand in the app's creation.
@rrhoover @biz "Calling this an app doesn’t do it justice" - Biz
@rrhoover @biz Interesting. Looks like Pinterest is doing this too with Cinematic pin. I wish it could be easily embedded into a website like a video or gif
Since my last vacation I've started really appreciating Boomerang by Instagram haha Interested to see the bells and whistles Polaroid Swing has to offer :) @TommyStadlen would love to have you jump in and tell us!
Very cool!
The app is really cool. It would be better if the app only count the swings of other people and not if I swing my own photo. Nice job.
Not available in the Aussie appstore. Why Dey Do Dis?? I can’t understand. Especially big companies.