Banking made rewarding

#4 Product of the DayNovember 12, 2019
Point is a mobile banking app that includes a debit card with amazing rewards (3% cash back on rideshare, 4% cash back at coffee shops, and more) paired to a thoughtfully designed checking account that earns 1.4% APY interest. USE INVITE CODE PH2019 to signup
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Hey there PH, I’m Patrick a co-founder and ceo of Point! We built Point because we felt that banking lacked the amazing experience and level of service that top consumer companies like Apple, Casper and Warby Parker bring to their customers. Traditionally banking is an antiquated and monotonous industry but as the mobile generation is coming into adulthood we are not willing to settle for less in terms of bad customer service, dated technology, and lack of transparency. Point is starting off with the basics and building a better debit card experience; one that is rewarding, safe, and transparent. Aligning our incentives with customers to help them steer clear of debt and encourage responsible spending is at the core of our values so naturally a debit card is a great starting place. Point offers a new type of debit card that allows you to earn amazing rewards at your favorite brands, doesn’t charge foreign transaction or annual fees, and gives you zero liability protection on all your purchases. Excited to get your feedback on Point! TO SIGNUP FOR POINT USE INVITE CODE PH2019 The first 100 signups get 500 pts!
@patrick_mrozowski Can you clarify if the rewards are for the specifically listed merchants or for any purchase in the respective category? For instance, is the 4x on coffee shops only for the listed brands or does it apply to any purchase in the coffee category?
@sahaskatta We're adding all coffee shops as a reward, however it's currently the ones listed ( Philz, Blue Bottle, Starbucks, etc). If you signup and use a different coffee shop then we will add those to the list manually.
I have been using the Point app in beta since July. Since that point I have used it every day for my daily purchases and have been super impressed with the speed of improvement of the product. Excited to see this launch!
@daltonc Thank you for being one of our early power users and supporters Dalton!
Been using Point for a couple months and love it!
@brian_vallelunga Thanks for the support Brian, we're pumped to have you as an early user!
Despite having a pretty optimized set of credit cards, I still use Point for certain merchants as it provides the best rewards. And the app is slick, well designed. I like the notifications and security it provides.
@sirneilicus We're honored to be one of the cards you use and hope we can inch our way to the top of your wallet!
I love your Rewarded Merchants selections! I wonder if this service works in EU too.
@andrew_cho Thank you! We are US only at the moment.