Competitive Insights for advertisers and podcasters

We continuously index hundreds of podcasts to identify advertisements, and organize that information to help podcasters and advertisers find the best partnerships.

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Here's a good lead list for any podcaster looking for sponsors. This would have been useful earlier in the year as we've been planning the revival of Product Hunt Radio. πŸ˜‰
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Hi PH, We are early, but excited to be organizing the data around podcast advertising. We initially ran into the problem when looking more deeply into paid acquisition channels and realized there is no good competitive research tool for podcasts, so we built it. I wrote a post about getting back into the space after a break: https://medium.com/@screeley/bac... Would love to know how you would use this data!
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This is awesome! Nice work Sean and Andrew :) Are podcasts manually indexed?
@daviswbaer Thanks! Feeds are indexed based on iTunes ranking. If they appeared in the top 200 rankings, then we have indexed them.
There is a similar company doing the same https://podcasts.magellan.ai/blog have you heard of them and what would be the difference in your opinion?
@travisosterhaus I haven't to tell you the truth. It's hard to say as you can't tell much from their website. Thanks for pointing that out.