Easily sell memberships, online courses & digital downloads.

Podia is the best way to sell memberships, online courses and digital downloads. Best checkout process. Faster payouts. Amazing support.

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Last year, I made Coach my online store. Well, they've just re-branded to Podia and introduced a major new feature: makers can now sell memberships.


Great online course creator. Awesome checkout. Fast payousts. Great support!


I've tried everything; Podia's the best I've found!

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Most digital makers struggle to find a good place to sell their stuff. Podia (previously Coach) let's you sell online courses, digital downloads, and now, memberships. For your customers, they have the best checkout process I've seen. Makers (like us!) get faster payouts and amazing support. I highly recommend them!
@mijustin Thanks so much, Justin! ♥ We’re really excited about our three big updates today: - MEMBERSHIPS! Creators can now use Podia to sell membership subscriptions to their audience. - Our new name (we used to be Coach). - $3M in funding from some amazing people who believe in our mission of helping creators earn more money. While we’ve always let creators sell online courses and digital downloads, Memberships are different in one big way: they generate predictable recurring revenue each month. With the help of many of our customers, we’ve built what we believe is the best and easiest-to-use membership platform on the market. What makes Podia Memberships different from any other tool out there, aside from its simplicity, is that it seamlessly integrates with your other Podia digital products. So if you have Online Courses or Digital Downloads with Podia, you can include them as Membership perks with a single click. You can now sell your Online Courses, Digital Downloads and Memberships from a single digital storefront, and keep all of your customers and payments — across all of your products — in one place. As for the new name… For a while now, we’ve wanted to change our name to something that better represented what we help our creators do. We’d been brainstorming new names, when a few months ago, a customer suggested the name Podia. Definition: The plural form of podium, a small platform on which a person may stand to be seen by an audience. Right away, it felt perfect. Podia captures exactly what our product helps our creators do: stand and be seen by their readers, fans and customers. A podium creates authority, and authority is the foundation on which thousands of our creators have built their online businesses on. We love the name, and we hope you do, too. And as for the funding…well, we’re going to use it to move faster and build a better product — and company — to serve creators 😃 As always, I’ll be around all day answering questions, so please feel free to chime in. I’d love to hear what you think!
@mijustin @spencerfry awesome platform! Any difference in branding options between the two plans? Any thoughts of including a lifetime 48 hour special for product hunters (as a holiday special 😉 ) ? Love the UI!
@spencerfry hey Spencer - do you guys handle payment processing or do we have to integrate our own? Can’t seem to see that mentioned anywhere. For example Teachable has both options. EDIT: Ah, I see you have to use your own processing.
@kieranchase Yes, all of the money goes directly to you via PayPal and/or Stripe. We don't take any fees. 👍
Wow great job @spencerfry and team! The illustrations on this site are top, and the product looks great!
@spencerfry @bryantchou Thanks so much Bryant :) So glad we used Webflow for the site. It allowed me to work so much faster, and actually launch on time!
awesome design. reminds me of shopify in terms of the level of class that it brings to online storefronts.
@smalter Thanks so much, Walter. 😍