Pluralsight IQ

Measure your skills in dozens of technologies, for free.


In as little as five minutes and 20 questions, you can identify your knowledge gaps and strengths with our skill assessments. Your results tell you where to start within a learning path, so you can develop the skills you need most and not waste time on what you already know.

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I signed up. It gave me 2 emails. 1 saying I have an account. The second saying there was a problem setting up the account. Also using the first email left me to their site without being logged into my new account.

Personally this doesn't even look appealing.


None that I can think of


Too difficult to login

Smokie Does Stuff
Same issue. I even turned off all ad blockers and tried in incog mode, nada. I like Pluralsight, but this is pretty standard from my experience with them: a great idea with terrible UX.

The tests I took were looking like questions people hate to get on interviews: How does the prototype exactly work, will this exact code using this particular unused language feature result in an error, etc. During the React test I got asked questions about Webpack configuration keys!

Maybe I just took the wrong tests, let me know if there are any tests you'd deem fit for judging a candidate :-)


It has ways to test your knowledge


It doesn't test skills I'd consider useful or relevant

Web Developer, GameTree

One more thing to use Pluralsight.

It may be interesting to have the quick skill assessment for brief measuring and the long version for more accurate measuring.

Good luck to you guys in adding new skill assessments.


Excellent project!


Not sure that tech skills can be measured by 10-20 questions.