Playground is the easiest way to test your analytics events for iOS. Drag and drop your build into Playground then play with your app directly in the browser, Inspect your tracking events and API calls. You can even share testing sessions with your coworkers!
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I love how I can see my events trigger in realtime and inspect the payload with ease.


Best way to test your analytics events


Looking forward for the same one in Android

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Another great product for mobile teams crafted by the amazing team @usewaldo . I have been using it to test our Amplitude analytics events for our iOS app Jumbo. It is easy to use and intuitive, saves us so much time to make sure our tracking events are working properly.
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Hello everyone! I’m Amine, the maker of Playground for iOS with the rest of the team here at Waldo. First of all, thanks @pierrevalade for hunting Playground. We’re super excited to be here (again)! We built Waldo because mobile QA is broken. It’s been exciting, tough, weird and fun all at the same time. But during our journey with Waldo, needless to say, we’ve learnt a ton. But as of late one thing has stood out: There was a need for a better way for non-technical people to review their mobile app in real-time. And that’s why we built Playground. Because when you talk about mobile QA and testing, it can get very technical very fast. But there are plenty of non-technical stakeholders involved in the process, and they need just the same amount of reassurance and degree of confidence as the technical bunch. In particular, they need to know that all the analytics and event tracking have been set up correctly. Now, we’re excited to open up Playground to help the mobile/QA/product/data community have complete trust in their analytics setup. (And by the way, it’s free.) Thank you @pierrevalade and @chrismaddern for your continued and unwavering support and advice. The team will standby all day to answer your questions. We’d love to get your feedback and we’re looking forward to improving Playground with you along for the ride. :)
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Awesome tool. Great job team!
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@clement_delangue Thank you! if yo have any feedbacks please let me know.
Love this! We are going to save so much time, and probably catch errors before we ship them... Thanks again!!! What's on the roadmap?
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Thank you @an21m. We have 3 main things coming up: - Handling ssl certificates - Support real devices - Android.
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I really enjoy Playground Analytics - been using it to debug our analytics events for Jour. Been a great experience so far!
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@maximegermain Thanks for all the great feedback during our beta phase!